Breaking out of the Matrix - a comment on my personal experience and Simulation Theory

It is no mystery to us that the past few months have been highly unusual. Although, I refrain from using the term unprecedented, as history seems to repeat itself. [See “A Visual History of Pandemics”](A visual history of pandemics | World Economic Forum)

What is a mystery to us, is the abnormal energy that seems to have coupled itself with this pandemic, as is apparent by some of the recent posts on this forum. I believe this to be a reaction of our collective consciousness being forced to engage in near solitary confinement.

For me, personally, this confinement has made me highly aware of all the cracks in our program.

No, you read that right. I said program. I have a tendency not to keep things brief, but I will try my best while explaining how I recently was able to momentarily break out of this program (the “Matrix”).

Over the past few years, I’ve gone through a spiritual journey of breaking down societal-made walls (or are they?) and rebuilding myself through meditation, divination, shadow work and exercising my third eye.

By doing so, I’ve gained abilities I never even thought possible. I’ve developed the use of my clair senses, particularly clairvoyance, clairaudience, and channeling. I am very private about these abilities, but I they often spill out unknowingly, and without meaning to use them. This has either:
(1) fascinated people, and contributed to establishing meaningful friendships in life,
(2) frightened people, who literally run away from me, or;
(3) cause people to act out in jealous and spiteful ways

Although this journey has largely been very self fulfilling and healing, it has also been a crushing solitary process, causing a division between me and society.

I do not fall into any one group of political, religious, or esoteric belief system, as I have begun to see them all as one collective system. This is solitary in itself.

Additionally, this new consciousness has interrupted the life path I was originally working towards (I work in the legal field and have one year left of law school to complete before i get my J.D. and take the bar exam).

I’ve been met with many blocks and boundaries while going down this path (i.e. sexual harassment from legal employers, threats and attacks from a few of my fellow students, and obsessive compulsive behavior of others wanting to use me as an oracle type object.

Although I am very good at what I do, I am constantly being interrupted at every corner to keep me from doing it. I have since come to the decision that I am not meant to be a lawyer. What’s even more interesting is how the program seems to echo this decision:

In both my career and academics, I’m to engage in the analysis of philosophical, historical and legal debates. But something strange has been occurring during these debates…

::The Strangeness::
This is going to sound weird, but… people literally break when I raise a legitimate challenge to deep rooted legal rules and philosophy. For example, disproving something as a logical fallacy, or discovering the existence of circular reasoning behind a “well-known fact”:

I’ll turn a theory on its head and the person I’m debating with literally stops; they just stare motionless, almost like their frozen. Sometimes this response is paired with a creepy smile. Then after a few moments of this they just move on…as if we were never even talking, or they switch topics to something completely different.

The more I press the issue, the more unaware they become to the fact that we were even speaking.

This is just one example of the defects I have discovered which has led me down the path of researching Simulation Theory. I recommend researching it, if you are unfamiliar with the topic. [See “Is Our World a Simulation? Why Some Scientists say it’s More Likely than Not”](Is our world a simulation? Why some scientists say it's more likely than not | Computing | The Guardian)

::My Momentary Exit of the Matrix::
Two nights ago, Wednesday 3/25/20 I was able to peek behind the curtain, while engaging in an activity known to activate the third eye. (For the purposes of the rules of this forum, I will leave it at that.)

While in my living room, I began to see huge gaps in the walls of my home, and in the space around me. These gaps looked like glitching electrical black holes. Inside these black holes were an infrared code that was generating and computing at a very fast rate.

I then became highly aware of the program itself, as well as every aspect in life that proves simulation theory. This all came at one, like a download or great awakening. It nearly almost painful, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all.

I then began to feel another presence, as well as hear voices which I could not tell if they were coming from my subconscious or if I was actually hearing them. These voices were discussing what to do with me.

“She’s waking up - what do we do next?”

Part of me felt like it was best to pretend to “not be awake” but I pressed on and began to communicate telepathically with these voices demanding to be let out of this simulation. Nothing was resolved, and so I went to bed while meditating on this experience.

The next day, (3/26/20) went on as usual. I meditated on my experience occasionally - but continued my usual quarantine “work-from-home” schedule. I did discuss this experience with a few close friends, who I was shocked to learn they also gave credit to simulation theory, and did not think I was crazy.

I became very exhausted around 8 p.m., which is odd since I am normally awake at all odd hours of the night. So after much fighting, I gave into an earlier bedtime and dreamed my usual descriptively unusual dreams…

::The Eye::
Before I awoke this morning, (3/27/20) I saw a huge purple iris. It was electric lilac and was both frightening and beautiful at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it lasted for only a moment, and went away as soon as I opened my eyes.

I do not know what it was, but I feel like it belonged to one of the beings I was in telepathic communication with, two nights ago. What’s more curious to me is while I write this now, I have begun to hear a deafening low-vibrational sound that is vibrating through my ears and into my entire body.

I believe I am going through some sort of expansion and realization. I do not know what will happen next, but I am curious as to whether or not anyone else is experiencing anything like this, or if anyone has any further insight on this topic.

I look forward to discussing this with you all.


Definitely… I have earlier on wrote about this and was dismissed… Of course this is a program and their have been glitches over the past few months… That most people have been noticing(I know this sounds like Rick and Morty stuff) but I’ll hold onto what I believe… I one time sat and started thinking of how Dynamo does his “tricks”…this sent me down a rabbit hole of lots of deep thinking and contemplation.


I have heard beings whisper in some other language I Donno in my room… And I know this I crazy but been getting, pop ups in my third eye of alien creatures… Spaceships and a different planet… The last month I have been having prophetic dreams where I dream of things and they happen the next day in twisted ways… Such that I can, see and feel shit before it occurs and just begin laughing inside… Because I already know how the events will play out… I have dreamt of the death of a girl I met out of nowhere

Fascinating experiences. I agree with the simulation theory on many levels.

Several years ago when I first left religion and started down the magical path I had a similar experience. During a sex magick type of experience (at the time i didn’t know it as that and I’ll leave the details out just to keep your thread free from sexy time story lines) any way i had watched a yoga type video on how to pull energy up through my crown center.

I decided to give that a go and managed to pull a large amount of energy up. At which point I was literally sent out of body. I came up through a hole in the floor and as i looked around I saw a black room and two beings in the middle. one glowing red the other blue, in my mind they looked like they had been sitting at a table playing a card game of sorts. The red one saw me and made a comment to the effects of “what are you doing here, you’re not ready yet” then very non chalantly used their foot and pushed me back down the hole.

At which point I felt my body fall back into itself and came to, ears and body vibrating and buzzing, I also shocked my husband who thought he had damaged me during the whole ordeal lol.

I think that you have begun to touch on the grand scheme of things and i look forward to reading more of what your experiences have been.


Reason I’m talking of dreams is this… One time I dreamt I’m in some sort of weird highly advanced looking machine… Like Star Wars things… Their was a being… Who seemed like a tyrant… On some throne… We were many beings not humans just below his seat… Then another creature came forth with Some sceptre that was emitting purple lilac like energy beams and was resurrecting the other dead"aliens"…on waking up I felt like, it, was a, symbolism that someone(not human) major is back to this realm and is waking ppl up… Its hard to explain


We are not alone…
Wonderful experience

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That dream is eerily similar to one I had recently. Although the aliens in my dream were humanoid as adults…they deveolped from larvae and pupa kinda weird, when they came to earth they bowed to those humans that helped them and enslaved those that tried to harm them.
It could have meaning or it could have been one of those late night poor food choice inspired dreams lol

But myself personally I have been having a lot of dreams with that thread of “its time to wake up”

I am interested in the idea but I fear how it would affect my spiritual practices. Are the demons real? Are my parents real? What is universe then? And such questions.


:joy:its all an illusion

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Definitely Not a late night poor food choice inspired dream

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Yes many people think that all the universes and realms we know of are within a computer. They say it is impossible to get to the real world.


You know from my experience its all real, its just the simulation limits the true reality and our abilities to use our full functions within it. Just my two cents. I didn’t see my two people as enslaving overlords, but as myself and my husband’s higher self.

It was almost like taking a peak at the answer sheet and getting caught before your ready to know.

And as far as family. I think it will depend on how willing they are to being open to the new vibrations coming our way.

So even though you have developed your clairs, according to them you are still within the simulation and always will be. Just less confined.

I do not really believe there is a real world beyond…
And I believe magick is the higher science… And its actually the true purpose… If man can create computers and magick is real… It means that there are beings Prolly more intelligent and can create really, sophisticated stuff… I view these bodies as occult devices… And we’re here to collect enough power so in a sense magic is right


I don’t think they are, enslaving overlords amd I don’t think they are your higher selves(not dismissing this)… I’m just saying they are separate and real… Guiding you indirectly as you collect your powers on earth but at the right time you’ll meet…

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We don’t just plan on developing Clairs alone… There is more to magic… A lot more… Telekinesis… Telepathy… Pryokiness…

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Potentially they very well could be guides versus aspects of myself. I doubt it only because The red and blue beings, I believe are aspects of my husband and myself only due to the experiences I had that followed that confirming it in My mind at least. I do know that my energy is very red. Nd very base so to speak, and his is very blue and very mental. Also There have been some things ive seen that confirm this thought, along with some upg on what it means for me personally in the upcoming shifts.

And i apogize if im coming across as contrary I’m definately Not discrediting your advice as you are absolutely correct in the other areas. Especially on there not being enslaving overlords, that was a difficult part to interpret in my dream and how I understood it, and it most likely has a very different meaning than what I interpreted.

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Your parents are rea but don’t believe the experience a 100% to the point of ducking up your spiritual progress or any progress… Remember you’ll die and probably reincarnate as some other person…
Our reason and purpose in earth is suite simple Btw come to think of it… To understand these simple lies that hold us here… To breakthrough chains and repetitive indulgement in the same energetic patterns

True… Intuition is key
.my keyboard is messing up quite a bit
I think the solution is to keep practising and immerse ourselves deeper into this current… I’m I right?..i don’t think we would possibly have come to such revelations without somehow going through magick

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This is a simulation created by aliens , numbers are the code in which it’s written, and some constellation probably holds the super computer which runs our reality and holds it in place, just my theory though, we are basically sims characters