Breaking negative repeat patterns

Hi all, I would love some advice regarding a current situation in my life. I seem to have really bad luck when it comes to ending up in shitty jobs. I’m 28 and a finance professional. To cut a long story short since my graduation from university, I’m on job number 4 now. I have had to leave jobs due to toxic bosses, bullying and harassment as a result of which I was diagnosed with anxiety and put on antidepressants. I’m a hard worker and have received consistently high performance reviews everywhere I have worked. It’s like no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to stick to a job,something always goes wrong. I started job no. 4 in January this year and it’s been really bad. I’m left to my own devices, no one to train me in, no one to give me work, no team mates. I have been proactive in resolving the situation, I’ve spoken to my manager, HR etc but nothing has changed. This has caused my anxiety to flare up and I have been feeling very down and considering going back on my anxiety medication from years ago.

I’m thinking of looking for another job but I would welcome any insights into what’s causing this negative pattern in my life. What entity/ritual is the best to assist me as I really don’t want to end up in a new job only to be looking to leave after a year.


I feel myself in a similar situation. I just want to get my income in a place I want it (reasonable, and on my terms). I am also interested in this.

I think you have some kind of unconscious programming that sabotage your behavior. Any bad environment is like a dance. IT don’t just happen. You must of said or done something to trigger others behaving bad toward you. It takes more than one to tango. It’s a common thing. BAd unconscious programming from past emotional trauma or drama in your life during stressful times. It could even be that you choose to take a bad job just to sabotage self.

An example real case story. A person got yelled at by dad that he will amount to nothing and can’t keep a job. This is when he was little and dad drunk and stress out talking down to son. Family life wasn’t all positive for him.During hypnosis session he found out that programming by dad. AFter that awareness and removing that suggesitons, he can then keep a job. HE does well in all his jobs before but sabotage it cuz of that dad trauma. Now after that one session he’s successful and keep a job easily.

You might have similar suggestion by coworkers/ friends/ parents /enemies/ competitors etc… Not necessarily bad family . All it takes is one trauma emotional suggestion in the heat of the moment to get bad suggestion programming in your head. Any negative suggestion by people . It can also be your surrounding angry people. It can even be friends where you hear them fighting and getting put down and you accidently took the bad suggestion.

SO hypnotherapy might help find the origin cause. Anxiety is just a memory triggered response. There’s trauma behind it.

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@wisepup That’s interesting you suggest hypnotherapy as I started going to a hypnotherapist 2 weeks ago to help with anxiety which flared up since moving to current job.

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While I can understand everything you have written and empathize. I am confused about this current job " I started job no. 4 in January this year and it’s been really bad. I’m left to my own devices, no one to train me in, no one to give me work, no team mates" I am really trying to see the issue here sounds like my dream job. So if I understand correctly you are getting paid to do next to nothing? Is there any way that you can make your own tasks and complete them? I had a dream job like that once and that is what I did. Every conference, meeting etc. they sent me to I would write lengthy reports detailing what I learnt and how that the content had relevance for my workplace.

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the hard part is finding a good hypnotherapy that knows what they are doing. Not everyone is qualified even if they took training in it. Many go to training for therapy on self focus rather than helping others focus. So you gotta screen if therapist is a therapist person too. YOu know . common sense. many in the healing helping field isn’t in it to help others. They there to feel good attempting to help others. They have this train of thought. Hypnotherapy or whatever professional has help me so i learn it and help others too. It’s a common pattern. whatever service help them, they feel they need to learn it to help others. It’s a called attachement to a profession that help them. IT happens alot with yoga and bodywork. hopefully you find one that fits your purpose. Not all therapist is the same. Character and back gound of person matters even if they learn the same training. =o)

I’m trained hypnotist /holistic health pract. so i know about the field and healing field training environment.

The good ones focus on results and not trap you into many ongoing sessions.

@sailing, yes I’m getting paid to do nothing. After asking around in my team and manager I have tiny bit of work but it’s not enough to keep me busy. I know this could be a dream job for some people, but I thrive on learning new things and feeling useful. I’m just so bored, it makes me feel very down by the end of the week. While it was ok for the first couple of months, it’s been 5 months now and doesn’t look like it’s going to change. I honestly don’t know why they even hired me in the first place.

It could be the virus situation that cause no work. But they still need someone in your position just in case. Or needed to spend the money funding so they don’t lose the budget.

Many company are a needs basis work environment. No work unless client/customer in the house. they don’t prepare or learn to better run or improve the business. It’s just on the go learning.

u could always learn yourself. what not to do in a business by observing how they run the business. For knowledge so you can screen companies in future if you want to work with them or not.

In the meantime be grateful you have work as not many have it in this crazy pandemic. Save the money and use it wisely. Think of it as a little paid vacation. Many people are not working for months including me. =o( Cuz of forced business shut down.

Also this gives you free adventure time to deal with the anxiety issues. =o)

U deserve all the pay they give you. You know it’s very stressful and hardwork doing nothing. More so than actually working for us productive folks. lol They should pay you more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Consider if they chose to lay you off or you left before finding a new job? Then you would really be bored. My best advice is to find things to do to be busy on the job. You say you like to learn new things, read books, watch documentaries, learn a language all on the job lolz

I believe you should be thankful for having a job much less one that pays you for doing zilch in these times.



You are in a competitive industry. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is and sometimes people are not very helpful. I work in healthcare and I have been in many situations in which I had to train myself. I now always go into every job with a sink or swim mentality. People do not want to see the new guy or girl shine! Just this past year, I was hired to be part of a “new program”, but I actually walked into NOTHING. I left my comfortable union job to help develop a non existent program. It has been a great experience, because I learned to be self reliable and use my people skills. I also used magick to dominate, manipulate, and command people to get the assistance I needed. You shouldn’t see these job opportunities as shitty jobs. They are part of your personal self growth. It is your opportunity to get creative and put your education and skills to work.


There is a ritual in here to reverse a negative cycle.

I read about a more angelic approach to similar situations, the other day in one of the books by embrosewyn tazkuvel, but thst author is in the Celestine light author/ so idk if it would resonate with many people here, despite the basis being somewhat sound. I also read all of his book on kindle unlimited within the last week so I can’t remember which it was- either magical digits of heaven and earth or words of power and transformation.

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It’s because of the energy your emitting, subconscious pain or trauma cause damage to some chakras and you emit that , if you had an aura of full confidence then the world responds , I’ve never seen it not work this way , if I feel like shit othe e treat me like that and vice versa
As within so without

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I have Kindle unlimited, so will check this book out

Very interesting perspective, I did have a traumatic childhood and have always had issues with my throat chakra and speaking up for myself. This was why I was bullied in Job no. 2 and I got much better at standing up for myself since then.


Yeah , the subconscious stores energy in the chakras , work through them , meditate on the cause of the blockage , make peace with it and keep doing it

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Sounds like you’re directly focused on all the negative shit going on in your life. This in turn will attract even more negative shit… Focus on being grateful. Everything starts with a positive. You attract what you put out. Do a banishing ritual and ground yourself. Meditate daily and if you struggle with mental health seek professional help.

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Yea focus on the opposite polarity of your situation , all paradoxes can be reconciled

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Ya I really struggle with staying positive when faced with a tough situation. I really bring myself down. Yes I’m seeing a therapist and have a support network for my mental health.

Just have to make an action plan and stick to it with regards to my work situation.

Please remember that both everything and nothing are in your control. Some things are simply out of your control… Some things happen in life that we can’t control and we think we are being punished but the reality is these lessons mold us into our most powerful forms.


Call upon the abyssal powers to transform you