Breaking mechanical or electrical spirits

Which would be a good spirit that can destroy a vehicle?


Traditionally, gremlins were associated with the destruction of machinery, particularly aircraft, Even today, when something goes wrong with anything mechanical, people will say it is gremlins, especially if they cannot find a logical reason for the malfunction.

Their mythology is distinctly American, and began around 1929 when airmen couldn’t explain sudden failures in their aircraft.


Marbas certainly can. I work with him on various mechanical things. One time I forgot his promised offering. He reminded me with a series of mechanical failures.


is there any solid gnosis on this like books or sigils ?

Though their mythological origin only dates as far back as 1929 as a fighter pilot superstition, (the term “gremlin” is a modern word is based on an older Germanic one meaning “to vex”) the author Roald Dahl, in his book The Gremlins, published in 1943, established them as a type of elf or elemental fae, with a knack for engineering, but some other sources consider them to be the same type of being as what older folklore calls imps, or goblins.

You can contact them via the same methods one would use to contact any fae. Leave offerings for them outside, with the intention of making contact. If machines start to malfunction, or things go missing, then you were successful.

You could also create a sigil of the word “Gremlin” using a sigil generator, and seek to make contact with them that way. Essentially, you would be making what’s called a “House sigil/seal” for the race of spirits connected to the term.

Another option would be to take a shamanic journey with the intention of meeting them. If you are not familiar with journeying, you would use the World Tree as an Axis Mundi, and travel through a hole among the roots with the intention of being brought to the kingdom of the gremlins.

You could also project to the astral and seek them out. They are closely connected to the material world, and thus should be fairly easy to contact.

However, no matter what you call them though, be it imps, goblins or gremlins, be aware that they are tricksters and pranksters, and they may cause you trouble as well as your target. It’s not necessarily malicious, It’s just what they do.

Oh, and they generally come in groups, so if you use the house sigil method, prepare to be surrounded lol


Me and my parents always seem to have weird shit happening with stuff around the house. And with vehicles. Perfectly running truck one day, the next day the rear end breaks and no parking brake at the same time (thats only one example out of many lol). My mom is always like “there goes our gremlins”. If anybody wants to get something like a vehicle messed up magically, gremlins are the way to go. Lol


I feel like they all seem to love to do that, especially if you act like a jerk and demand stuff out of them in spite of divination and everything else (including your feelings when you try to contact them) tell you it is a no go. It is like they look for some excuse to mess up cars or something. Of course, what you probably want is for it to happen to someone else’s car. I can’t really help you there as I have never an had occasion to do that to someone.
So, yeah, getting my car totaled (okay 2 different cars) twice in the span of 3 months. (no thank you Orbas and Uval) and I wanted to quit working with these types of spirits and doing magic for good. Unfortunately, yeah, I had to come back because there was stuff I wanted that people deemed impossible to get so I just said, okay, but this time I will fix my approach to a relationship with these spirits and have some real communication going on and not act like a jerk demanding stuff like some bratty kid.

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