Breaking invisible chains

Breaking invisible chains your inner fears reflect the collective fears of mankind this is one small example of how individuals interstate creates the outer world and which existence.

Time working on this I had experienced very unusual experience I was in my room and I saw my boyfriend sitting on the bed on the TV I also saw my boyfriend sitting on the bed I believe that there was a cam it seem to be on the ceiling I walked by the bed in front of the television and saw myself on the television I consulted with him and he didn’t do it and I believe him what I failed to do was act on this and show him immediately what I was seeing on the TV which is part of my third hell I feel that I have failed this test and I will work to go ahead and succeed at my third hell. in conclusion it really messed with my head for some time but I also saw some clarity where I was actually completely fully myself and not just preparing myself is seeing myself through another person’s eyes or them knowing everything about me so having this cam in my room did bring some realization of how I perceive myself and I need to really work on this part whether or not I have a cam in my room is not revelant to me anymore the most important thing to me is that I see things and myself and I understand life truthfully honestly in reality logically.

PS. I made a police report I also carry all the time and I am a witch.