Breaking Addiction

If you wanna skip ahead of the backstory then scroll down to the part in ALL CAPS to see the magick. I had been private about this throughout, but I think it’s time to share the story. In doing so I hope to inspire others who may be in a similar situation. I want to start by saying this is in no way medical advice. I’m not telling anyone to stop taking medication. I’m not condemning recreational or spiritual use of substances either. If you watch my channel you’ll know that I drink beer on the regular and I use red wine in most of my rituals. I also partake in cannabis on occasion. That said, let’s get into it.

Over 12 years ago I got into heavy drug use. I did it all, but my thing was painkillers, opiates, opioids. One thing led to another and I came to the point I had tried everything to quit. I tried Jehovah. That bitch just played games with my head. After few years living hardcore Christian mystic life, having periods of being clean, relapse, getting clean, relapse, I finally decided to go for the kill. I went to an opioid recovery clinic and got prescribed Suboxone. For those who don’t know, it contains buprenorphine and naloxone. The former binds to opioid receptors and gives the brain the illusion that it’s getting its fix. The second blocks opioids from reaching receptors, effectively making it impossible to use other drugs. So, my pharmacology may be a bit off, but that’s the general idea of it.
Fast forward. I leave the church, get into black magick and the occult. I develop the mental strength and personal power the mystic faiths could never give me. Time goes on, I’m still taking the drug to ensure that I never go back to that lifestyle again. I manifest the life I want. I am building a family. I have brand new things I’ve never had before. I have a well-paying career. I have a fulfilling spiritual practice. I am stepping into my godhood. Then I meet the fucking dragon. Tiamat shows up in my life when everything is going great.

I did the Eye of Odin ritual because I’d come to a wall in my ascent. I felt drawn to the sigil. I asked Odin to break down my limitations and push me harder than I’d ever been pushed. Odin took me seriously, the old buzzard. So not long after that, Tiamat showed up in my room at random. She yanked me into the astral plane to talk to her. She ends up showing me all kinds of visions of hell, death deities, and myself on fire.
Insert gatekeepers Azazel and Belial, and Watcher Shemyaza. I end up pacting with all these entities to fuck my world up and help me ascend. What it all comes down to is Odin, Tiamat, Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, and Shemyaza. I start feeling this uncontrollable hate for my medication. I start feeling that it’s blocking my psychic faculties and my progress in magick.
So I start planning my cessation. I begin the process of weaning myself off.
Along comes the Rite of Deification. Right before I took my last two weeks of dosage, I did this Rite with @prynce
This gave me the boost I needed to keep going and fight the fight through to the end. For those who don’t know, the withdrawals are like super flu. Flu symptoms, body aches, restless legs, nausea, stomach cramps, anxiety and depression. So after the rite, when I was ready to give up, I got that boost I needed. Another week went by, and I knew when the meds ran out I’d be in a pickle. I reached out to @Eye_of_Ra and she added me to the group ritual private group, something to do with mermaids grail? Anyway, my friends @serpens_album and @FraterMagni reached out to me in PM to help out. FraterMagni made a bindrune, and serpens_album performed a ritual I’m not going to share yet. Instantly I felt another boost of energy. I got through the last week. My spirit was cleansed, my mind was trained and prepared and set on victory. But my body… (cue R Kelly). It wasn’t completely painless, but the magick had made it bearable. Trust me when I say that cold turkey off of meds like these are usually something that takes place in-patient at a clinic, not at home on your own. I’d tried to quit once before without any help from others and I would rather have a tooth pulled every 5 minutes than go through that again.
I started taking salt baths daily to cleanse my body and aura of the negativity. Arianna and I then were scheduled to do the Rite of Deification. She did it for me, and the symptoms went away. I felt euphoric, wide awake at 4 am, when before I’d felt exhausted all the time. It wasn’t any one thing. It was the combination of my own magickal work and the help of my friends. Every ritual and spell played a part. So it’s been over a month since all that went down and I have made a full recovery. Not only recovered, but improved.
I’d like to thank the spirits and my friends for helping out.
Today, I can see and hear spirits more clearly, I can enter the desired altered states of trance and meditation more quickly and easily, and I save $300 a month on prescriptions.
I just wanted to share that because addiction is so powerful, but it needs to be known that magick is more powerful.


Well done. And good on you to allow your friends to help!
Fwiw, this isn’t empty praise. I have been there, about 20 years ago…


In the past before the Deification rite, which I’ve done 3 times now, I would have felt like complete shit even months after stopping the drugs. I feel great right now. Thanks @levilevi for the good feedback


Aww yay!! I’m so glad I helped…

And yes the group was one of my magickal friends with benefits group…and I named it the “Mermaids grail” …well @Aluriel helped me come up with that name… the groups before had given star wars titles. …

Now I need to pm you something I did in that rite .because I changed it up some …and it could be a potential reason for giving you healing boost.


Well said.


So happy to hear that you are doing well brother. I’m glad that I was able to help, even if a little.


I hear you on that one I might have one hell of a journey myself I’m on Percocet for my pain I’m not sure if I’m addicted or not but I’ve been on the stuff for weeks

But congrats to you man


I appreciate you sharing this. I’m currently struggling with addiction and have been for some years. This brightens things up a little for me. I really feel like I should reach out for help in the magic community. I have burned just about every bridge in my life so, while I know I have the aid and support of some pretty amazing spirits, I mostly fight it alone. I’m seeing more and more that I need to address my problem with addiction in my magical practice as well as fighting it in my day to day life… I’ll definitely be giving this a lot more focus…

Thanks for sharing. <3


Hi Guys I read this post the other night and It touch me. I am one of you I also struggling with addiction . You are not alone in this fight. But since I am active in opioid use, I don’t dare to practice any ritual in till I become clean. In the 90s I was involve with the ToS but never make it to adept because of it. I did one ritual to the Prince of Shadows and my experience was the worst my addiction got worse it increased my personal life became a living Hell. After the years I have been controlled and clean but got active 2 years ago. I have returned to the study of the Black Arts because I came across with Asenath Mason and I was touched and seduced in the deepest of my spirit. I bough Draconian Magic and Rites of Lucifer and have been following the forum daily plus reading , but have not done any ritual because of my addiction I find it to be disrespectful to Lucifer to try to make contact and being active in any drug , so decide to wait for the courage to pass the withdrawal period and get cleaned in order to present my self and my spiritual goals to Lucifer.
So in also appreciate stepping forward with this, it gave encourage to step forward and break the ice.
So thank you for this opportunity to share.

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I just want to say that Lucifer is here to help. He’s not going to judge you. He will meet you where you are. The judgmental god is the one of the Abrahamic religions, Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah. My opinion is do ritual now. Use magick to break your addiction. Best of luck to you


This :point_up:️. All I have to say on that.


For those who struggle with addiction of some sort, SMART Recovery could be a part of the solution. I think. There is room for every spiritual path in it, so there is nothing dogmatic about it, and there is nothing in it, that talks about being powerless towards anything. I would have chosen that, If it had been around, when i got out of a serious addiction to alcohol some years ago. SMART Recovery is actually non-religious, unlike AA that only claims to be so. I wish all of you who struggle with addiction the best, whether you choose SMART Recovery or something else. You cannot get higher than getting high on life. Trust me on that one.


Amazing story my friend, and my hat goes off to you for taking that final leap off those orange handcuffs. I’m not going to go into details, but I completely understand where you’re coming from. Magick didn’t help with every aspect of quitting my addiction(s), as the desire to quit must ultimately come from deep within yourself in order to be fully realized, IMO, but it certainly made it less painful. Belial, for instance, accepted my giving up nicotine as a sacrifice, and without his help I’m doubtful I would have succeeded.

Funny, isn’t it, how so many of us black magicians have struggled with addiction in the past? VK Jehannum has an interesting theory on this that he refers to as the Algorithm:

Honestly, it makes sense the more you think about it. :thinking:

Not to be a dick, but I’ve always thought this expression was absurd. Drugs get people flabbergastingly ridiculously high compared to sobriety. That’s why people do drugs in the first place. :wink:

At any rate, I have no experience with SMART but if it’s similar to Rational Recovery in that it stresses personal power and self-empowerment, then I’m all for it. AA/NA, in my experience, attempts to replace one addiction for another, and in addition to being personally ineffective I found the attempt to instill a feeling of powerlessness in all its participants deeply repugnant.


Yes, the odds were against me early on in life. While my actions were my own choice, no one forced me to eat the pills, still it seemed a force compelled me to do so. Life wasn’t kind to me for many years. We all have vices. Mine was opiates.
The choice to quit is still your own as well. I wholeheartedly agree. The act of directing your will is something fundamental in Magick. The mind must be trained before one can overpower anything at all, especially addiction. Magick is that thing that gives you that push when you are in the thick of it.
When I was young I gave my power away, to drugs, to relationships, to religion, etc.
When I became a black magician I began the process of taking my power back, and with it I took my life back.


Hi there, I’m new here and I think ( if you don’t mind ) you may be able to help/advise me …I’m going through the same thing and am desperate as have tried EVERYTHING …


Raphael helps with addictions and heals the addictive patterns that get built in to the body over time… look up online to read a little about him and how to call him and tell you request.

Depending on the kind of addiction you are dealing with call him often… addiction arises out of pain…seen and unseen, so work with the pain that is giving you addictions.

See yourself as a small kid whom you will not abuse nor let anyone abuse…research on how to heal your inner child. Don’t beat yourself if you fall back often, getting out of a addiction is a true spiritual work.


Have you been addicted to drugs or alcohol before?

Sex, porn, and everything that comes with them.

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@joanie, can you tell me what’s your addiction? If you don’t want to speak here then PM me

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Yes even porn can become an addiction. It’s all in your mind. I’m working with NAP on healing but Raphael is also a good choice. Another tip is to go to JD Temple’s YouTube and look at Black Magic Addiction vid. It contains a ritual to the spirits of Mars