Breaking a Strong Willed Narcissist

Hello I’m relatively new here looking for some direction. I have been working on a strong
narcissist for quite a while now. Taking apart every part of there life possible to get them to a more vulnerable state. Now that I have them there…I’m looking for a spirit to utterly destroy there will. I know many can do this but I’m looking for one that will relish in the work. One that lusts to roll around in the destruction it causes. This is not to control her…it’s just to have her fall apart. I would love to hear back from someone with experience on the subject with a name. Thank You all. Everyone has been very helpful on this forum. I cannot wait for the opportunity to pay it forward in the future.

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Sounds to me like Dra’talon would be good for you.

I’ve heard that he really enjoys playing with the targets you give him.

From what I know though, he’s under Azazel, so it might be a good idea to contact Azazel first.