Break up spells

I did break up spells on my ex to get him away from certain targets and they are still following each other on social media

Its been 1 year since i did like 5 spells on one certain target he was dating

How the **** is this slime still on his social media

Especially when he has blocked me

Will you ever give up making these threads again and again?

You clearly failed, anything else you wanna ask?


Anything else you can suggest?

Damon Brands Magickal Attack should have something for this, if I remember correctly

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Thank you vandheer i will look into this

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Think outside the box…that’s what magick is all about.

To answer the issue, if they’re still “friends” on social media, then call on an entity to tarnish her reputation, create some online drama, or anything along those lines so they unfriend each other.


Or just entirely ignore it

If you are blocked then you don’t really know if there is actually any contact whatsoever

There could be a complete lack of any emotions whatsoever explaining it for why they are still there

Snooping around the social media of an ex who has blocked you rarely helps you in detatching enough to make any difference and usually generates insecurities and assumptions imho

I have exes on mine… I haven’t spoken to or thought about in years and only thinking about that now since answering this


That’s true as well, and I was going to mention it and actually had it in my response but then deleted it.


Even without magick if you feel the need to constantly check up on your ex’s social media you need to get off social media. You’re causing your magick to fail.

and yeah basically what was said… keep all updates on a topic contained to the mother topic especially if you want help from people.

On a side note… if I knew my ex practiced magick and was obsessed with me I would most certainly block them and get advice how to block the magick… even if I didn’t practice.


My ex doesnt know at all

But yeah your right i need to stop snooping

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I will try that out

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They don’t know… but they usually sense and stay back even if they don’t realise what or why they’re doing it

An ex added me on social media recently. I’ve been super careful to avoid them. They haven’t even said anything and I haven’t accepted… I just don’t want them back in my space whatsoever. I’ve not actually given them much of a thought but I realise how much I have avoided places and people they frequent far more than is usual for me since this


Yeah i heard that can happen at times

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