Break up spell question

how long does a break up spell typically take to manifest with Abaddon ?

Its hard to say. Like how long is a piece of string? The more you believe and the less you dout is the key.

Then at which point would you know if you need to recast or maybe try something else?

Give the spirit a time frame. … and wait couple more days after the time frame or a week and still if you don’t see any results you can do the spell again

imo , breakup /love spells varies from person to person and its hard to give those spell time frame , for some it works overnight and for some it takes years

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Interesting !! So when I would be summonning for example Abaddon I would tell him I need you to do this within a month for example ?

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You REQUEST him to do it in one month ,
if you can hear the spirits clearly then you can have a conversation and ask him if he is willing to work on your request

( Request doesn’t mean beg or plead him or say please a thousand times , talk with him as you are talking with your business partner in a respectful way )

Thank you for the tip much appreciated :heart_eyes:

May I ask who’s your favorite demon for break up? And reconciliation/love binding?

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Leraje … You will find a lot of threads when you research about him

Leraje - For breakup
Gremory - for forbidden relationship
Sallos - for love

Just search " Layer spell " and you will find tonns of information