Break up spell but I don’t have any of the information about the person nor photo

Hey I have done this kind of work in the past but knowing both people information …. Is it possible to do it without their name or photo ??

Yes, completely. You only need to know these people exist. The photo and names help you focus your mind, so as long as you can focus clearly on them in your mind, you’re good.

More ideas here: from petitions to sour jars…

And what can I write in my periotion … example something like: the partner of John Doe for example

Write what is meaningful to YOU. Target the relationship as a thing more than the people, write what you would love if it didn’t exist - write what you want to have positively happen for you in your life. The universe doesn’t always interpret negatives very well, and if you dwell on them, it gives you more of the same - like attracts like - so don’t think about what you hate, think about what you want to see feel and do as if you were looking forward to it happening soon.

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Thank you so much

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