Break up a coupple

Hello i’m new in this things i wanna know if i can use the destruction chant to destroy a relationship?

How new are you to magick? If you don!'to understand how to get I to altered states chants will do little. You’d be better off using raw emotion.

Why breaking them? Love is beautiful, lets live HAHA!

You do not need a chant to destroy a relationship. Just spread some gossip or something.

But, from the magickal point of view… For something trivial like that, simple candle magic would be sufficient. Do you have a book on it? (If you have trouble focusing, you can make a more formalized ritual.)

i have the book of become a living god, what ritual you recommend me?

You can also reas Baneful magic, but from that book use the love candle spell, but turn it into brak up spell