Break through with King Paimon

Last night around 3am I was doing an evocation of King Paimon with an offering of honey and a lollipop. I was chanting his enn and swaying my body back and forth, like a forum member suggested @Woodsman81 . I feel like it amplified the experience, anyways, I heard a voice in my head call my name, my real name that no one else calls me. I had a friend over in the other room and they said they saw a black circle on my forehead that was shaded in followed by a black line around that circle. They said they saw a flash of light that burst out of the circle. Previously to this I was asking my friend to channel their spiritual energy into my third eye in order to help with the evocation, they agreed. My friend as well heard a voice that night, even though they weren’t directly part of the evocation. “It sounded irritated and wanted something”, they also described the voice as raspy. But the voice scared them a lot because it was very demanding and loud at the last word. My friend then forgot what it was the voice wanted. Could this have been King Paimon, what is it he wanted, any ideas?


To some people he Comes with a loud shout congrats I believe you heard him


to me it was a soft voice, to my friend it was a loud angry voice

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What do you believe he wanted from my friend?

Possibly respect I don’t know tho.

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Two musings here based on what you said:

Did both of you make an individual offering as their were 2 of you present?

This reminded me of an interaction I had with him once. I called upon a King to do a task barely worthy of one of his servants…"You called upon me for THIS!!! (followed by brief but acerbic tongue-lashing and personal advice so I would not waste his attention in the future). I’m not suggesting anything, but he IS a king, and certain mannerisms come with the title.

It does sound like he liked you more than your friend, but it could just be how your friend perceived him based on their own factors. Yep, I think you both heard him too. Nice.

Thank you for your feedback i really appreciate it. So you think because my friend was indirectly a part of the invocation that they were suppose to give an offering as well. That’s very interesting because I have had other friends channel energy to my third eye, I wonder if King Paimon got upset with them as well. Oh haha also i stepped on his sigil by accident :fearful:

Not necessarily. Like I said, it was just a musing. He will appear differently to everyone, and your friend could have just not “clicked” with him. I would try another evocation, alone, and ask him, especially if you are looking to work with King Paimon long-term. If not, perhaps a dedicated meditation reflecting on your evocation could reveal more.

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sounds like you’re making progress

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