Break drug addiction spell?

I have a bit of a situation my gf had a car accident a while back they had her on OxyContin and Xanax. She injured her back so much they don’t want her rock climbing anymore and she’s a med student 3 more and she finishes her MD. They took her off the oxy and a “friend” suggested her to use heroin instead and has made that transition :frowning: she has so much potential to do something with her life but drugs are taking over I’m losing her if she was to get pregnant my baby would be an addict, please any suggestions are welcomed.

Try researching Buer, he’s good with that kind of thing, also Raphael.

Breaking habits is a tough one. You cant be around your drug of choice at all. I think Raphael would definitely be good for that because Ive used his sigil and had immense clarity and peace to see how certain things were hindering me. Someone sent him to me to work on me as well and I remember the most peaceful sleep Ive probably ever had, and it made me realize what it was like to just sleep again without my hands shaking or having disturbing nightmares.

I can vouch for Raphael as well with getting rid of addictions… He helped me get rid of mine when it comes to fast food and such… though i’ve never been addicted to any hard core drugs

Well first’s things first doesn’t matter how fast you build if theres some asshole swinging a wrecking ball at you, get the friend out of your lives before anything else.

Work to destroy the relationship between the two. Then get her into a rehab center and make a healing poppet to work on with a spirit of your choice.

Be careful about which rehab you choose. Sime will only make the priblem worse. When I was 18 I wound up in ine that was a court ordered place and it turned out they sent alot of guys from upstate (prison) there and they brought the yard politics with them. I was coached by some serious dudes un certain shit so it really didnt help the problem at all just made me a sharper at thosr kinds of activities. Fir women it can be similar bexause they click up right away. Or they just hate each other lol