Break connection between me and ex

I’m deeply in love with this girl to the point I’ll do anything for her it slows my progress down so much are relationship is toxic and we break up and I come back All the time I wanna stop feeling this I want to lose my love for her

Have you tried doing self programming on yourself for that purpose just writting out tones of different sentences about how you don’t love her how a thought of her is repulsive exc,. It takes more effect in your subconscious when you say programmed at the end or reading the sentence,

also helps to just realize your casting spells on yourself through power of voice desire will exc, i’ve never done them to for this type of purpose but I’ve done a bit of them for positive things and it definitely helps alot,. I’d recommend doing alot of them that arnt about her at same time especially when first starting and your brains still adjusting to yourself programming your subconscious, the extra good ones will help you keep emotionally open while tearing her out.

Another idea that will work if you do the programming and it’s not working enough when your emotionally open like that write down word of the day with the date and out hate then just know your connecting to the essance of hate itself just think about it all day long everything out hate how hate can be used for good, when it’s needed, then at the end of the day after you kept focus on it if you haven’t appeased the essance enough to get it to take over the love you have for her and replace it with hate write a letter/peom to hate itself and yea should do the trick, I did this without asking for anything and litterally everyone was mean mugging me had strangers telling me to gtf away from them my aura is atrocious, but when I finished the prom with intent of appeasing it everything instantly stopped then the people mean mugging me were looking at me all crazy like confused and then I ran into the dude that told me GTFO and he appologiesed saying he’s just super sensitive to auras so I told him what I was doing and we laughed, after that though any time I felt hate for something I felt it and projected it outwards strong status. Even if you think you’d be weak and stay with her if you do this you should have hatred pumping from you that only she should feel.

I faced this one and this was what i learned
When a situation keeps repeating itself it means there is a lesson for you to learn so you can move on.
Spirits can help us in what we are doing but we need to do some things.
In your case, you have been assigned by your spirit guide for you ascention to be in this difficult situation to learn something from it.
You will break through this if you meditate and go deep in the root of the problem on what makes you feel so attracted to this particular girl. What brings you back to her toxic relationship. Is it something from your childhood? Is it an issue that your mum had in her attitude or something else in your upbringing? Spotting it and working on it will heal you and your ancestors and your lineage.
The other thing you need to work on is why can you not say no and stand up for yourself. Is this a pattern?
A spirit can help you by guiding you having clarity. Also your chosen spirit can help you supporting you to stick to your decisions.
Finally, when you do this you need to do chord cutting and ask the angels to help you severe the bond and heal the gap that the chords have created in your aura.
You will be put again into test if you learned your lesson because usually when we cut chords from someone they tend to come back. So you will need for the final time to say no and block it. It will be over soon after and the process will empower you and provide you knowledge for the next time you have to face a situation like this.
This iw how i have dealt with my issues. I hope it helped.