Brazilian Magickal Power

Feel the power of our roots

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I don’t have a Facebook account, so I can’t watch it. Is it on YouTube? And what does all th k’s represent in those posts below the video?

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Pretty funny

this is not true… i’m brazilian and everybody here knows it´s a joke…

Yea well…this topic was supossed to show a creative joke about spirituality.

I am also brazilian.

Our magickal systems here are serious and powerful.

As you can see i work with these spirits.

Hey Div,

Do you do any kimbanda or Palo Maymobe? This is a passion of mine, but so hard to find the right materials/people etc. here in the states. However, I’ve had some great correspondences with Dr. Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold from the Scarlet Imprint about his books, which I own most of, what fascinating practices!!!

Nordic power is where it’s at

Yes, i did some works with Quimbanda spirits and had fast results. They look like that chicken feet curse.
There is a lot of graveyard work and crossroads work. An altar also works.

There are many temples in Brazil about it, but not every temple will teach you magick, but the religious part…
There is a lot of possession and stuff also.

The temples of my city are from Umbanda which many times uses spiritism from Kardec concepts, so you know what i mean… better work with BoA or other E.A. books, in my opinion.

If you can find a good Quimbanda temple which make rituals for improving life and getting magickal knowledge from the spirits, do not waste time and go for it, because im not finding it easy around where i live.

Good books will also work, the spirits of Quimbanda wont hurt the non initiates on the current by a temple, but they have a strong will and you just cant command them like other spirits. Some are not a good idea to call down them for killing enemies, because maybe you will be the one killed.

As i seen by my eyes from my experiences and from people that i know, they bring fast results with money and love stuff. They are also powerful on protection.

I never worked with them for baneful working as im not in a temple and dont have much knowledge about how it would react.

Anyway, next week i will visit another temple (which are called Terreiros)

If you search on youtube, you can find many videos of possession(some are fake, since there are charlatans) and rituals.

E.A.'s Baneful Magick shows a baneful working with Baron Samedi (from Voudoun) and Exu da Capa Preta (Quimbanda), and it is like as described in the book. And in the terreiro, in Brazil, they call Baron Samedi… Sr.Samedi (translating means Mr.Samedi).

Christians will some times attack temples in Brazil and shit…There are videos on youtube showing that.

Maybe BALG could release a course about it in the future? Im sure E.A. would enjoy the brazilian magick.