Bran's Moving On

Bidding farewell to Bran (Alex Marysson) who’s resigned - this from Timothy:

Due to creative and personal differences, we have accepted Alex's resignation. We wish him the best, as we concentrate on our latest authors, upcoming books, and video courses. We always strive to provide knowledge and assistance with magick ascent in the most helpful ways we can, and will forever do so.

I want to personally thank Alex for his faith in me, and for helping me get into the flow with moderating this forum, as he’s also stepping down as Moderator - we’ve had some good times, and I wish you every success with your future ventures! :slight_smile:

alex, you were one of the most mature members of any magickal board i have ever come across.

you’re going to be missed, brother, but all good things come to an end. good luck in your future endeavors

Alex, your inbox is full, been working on those sketches and wanted to PM you I’m running late. :slight_smile: