Brand New

Hello Forum Member,
My name is GGirl, I’m a middle aged (I really don’t like the sound of it !:-), Caucasian woman, living a regular life in a big city.
I’m a complete novice to magic and occult, although I have always been interested in it. Generally, I feel like my life is at the crossroads - both love- and career-wise. Contemplating a move to another state. What brought me to this Forum was first of all curiosity, but especially matters of the heart, where I feel only magic can provide a desired outcome. As mentioned in one of my prior posts, I attempted a Pomba Gira ritual (followed the instructions I found online, left the offerings at the crossroads, which in the city of 8 mln. was something to be seen!), but I don’t believe I was successful - perhaps I did not do it properly, but then again it has not been even a week since its completion.
Well, that’s all for today. I’m looking forward to being part of this community, e-meeting some of its members and learning from you all.