Brain produces biophotons (light) plus other thoughts on consciousness/reality/entities

I’ve been doing some research into consciousness, and found some interesting articles about biophotons online. Which is apparently a relatively new discovery by scientists.

According to what I read, scientists have discovered that the brain produces photons (light) called biophotons? I’ve also taken my time to read some threads on this forum on people’s individual views on where consciousness comes from, and read about the brain being an INTERFACE for consciousness. Which is what I personally go along with. I believe in the soul, and also believe that entities are both internal AND external, not purely just from our subconscious. So I was looking more so into some scientific articles/etc to see if I can find anything interesting, and found that.

I personally believe both science and spirituality are important in understanding reality, and one another (although science hasn’t gotten that far yet). Reason why I like the occult. Which to me is another form of science.

Does anyone have any opinions on biophotons, or have any other things that might be interesting in understanding consciousness?

  • My thoughts on entities being external and internal is some are things like thoughtforms/egegores while others are separate and their own individual as we are our own. What I found interesting is that basically life as we “see” it is a “hallucination” created from our brains via our senses. That our brains create what we “see”/etc. Meaning that our brains is what allows us to “visually” see other humans/animals/Physical things. So you could argue just as much about how much that is real to.

What I’m saying I guess is our reality in my opinion is just as internal as it is external. Just because our brains produce our reality (and our psyche can be a sensitive thing) doesn’t make what we see any less real, or external from ourselves just because we produce that image (via brain) internally. Which is my same argument for entities, that they like anyone physical are processed through our brains to/as well as other “psychic” senses. Doesn’t make them any less real then the people around us that we argue are real and external.


Also something I’ve noticed is that, some believe that entities are aspects of ourselves/reflections of us. I have experienced this as I’m sure other might have as well, but with Physical people to. I think it is because everything is connected in one way or another.

Like for example, there have been many times where I’m THINKING about something (usually life/existence/etc) and later will hear someone (family member/friend) talk about this very same topic that was going through my thoughts. Some of the things I was thinking about I’ve also taken notice of – and that they verbally mentioned, aren’t really things that I hear from my family/etc. It’s usually something breifly mentioned to.

Which is why I’m realizing that my own mental thoughts/etc are most likely being reflected back to me through my physical reality through people external/separate from myself. Although I do believe everyone is connected (collective consciousness) yet is an individual on their own right.

So to me I also think about this in terms of entities. That while yes some, and probably alot of people new into the occult/magick/etc are internally created. That just like people/other humans, that entities to (some) are external, and individuals in their own right, but like people are probably also processed through our brains (like most of life) and can like people in my experience, reflect parts/aspects of ourselves back to us.

Also I to tend to think about how limited human perception (eyes) are, in terms of how much of the light spectrum we can see. As well as the fact that the brain does filter out things it veiws as " not important" from our senses perception.

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More than producing light it seems black magic absorbs light and probably biophotons.

Black magic is a label, it can’t absorb things, but you can put the label on things such as light absorbtion if that is your will