Brain Lesions

6 years ago request by my doctor a referral to see a nurologist to have a cat scan/mri on my brain, they discover i have got Lesion of the brain.

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what’s your point?


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Sorry to hear that. Evoke Raphael


I hope Satan doesn’t get pissed off with me if i Evoke Raphael, so he can completely heal me at the speed of thought.

@Bowling270 @Rcs4215 Um… Satan maybe not. I don’t know what he expects of his Disciples. Some of the beings I work with would kill you for that though. That isn’t metaphorical. The Fallen can heal you pretty quickly too. PM me for details.


Unless you made a pact with Satan to work with him and only him, you are fine.

However, you are the boss, you give the entities the power to control your life if you bow to them. Otherwise, the practitioner is in charge. You have the ability to shield yourself with banishment’s, Protective Talisman, and many other means. If you are afraid, then you should have likely not be working with Satan in the first place. Aren’t we working with these entities to make our lives better? Or are you working to make their lives better? That is up to you. I evoke whoever the fuck that I want to evoke.


This. ^

If you’re afraid of angels, evoke Marbas.


I speak for myself now. The entities I work with expect obedience in return for power. I don’t have a choice. Take it or leave it (yes, I am allowed to walk away in good faith). If I tried to banish them I can only imagine the eternity for which I would suffer. Approach them as “their boss”, and they would crush me as swiftly as one crushes an ant. They have very little time for egoistic mortals proclaiming that they are gods when they are self evidently not. I find it hard to believe that “mainstream demons” as I call them are so much more lenient, though I wouldn’t know.

Man, you told this forum that 10 times already. :grin:

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@anon20147451 I know. Just in case anyone didn’t get the message.



That was not geared towards you. I was typing as you responded. Did not see it until afterward, just so you know. (Not a troll as mofo). I respect everyone’s path by all means. I’ve just never answer to anyone my whole life and I would take a bus to my body before I bowed to any single demon, angel, God… I don’t care. However, they say you have a good connection with certain entities based on personalities, which I believe is why I have such a good and close connection with Belial. I think Humans, are extremely powerful. On a physical aspect, no we are quite weak, but our minds have incredible abilities that we can’t yet even understand. The at the world around us. Look at what we have created in such a small tiny spec of the time we have been alive. If this is the power of a baby species, I wish I would be alive to live among us as a fully developed one.


No i cannot bring myself to work with arc angels they are vial, and poxy, a mob of putzes i work with darkness, and if i work with Heavenly Angels, i be betraying Satan and Ahriman, be i know for sure when i leave this life i be end up in Satans kingdom, and demons their don’t take to kindly to traitor, so i keep well clear from those Heavenly Angel dick wods, so Black Angels, Demons of all kinds and breeds, and Devils, evil spirits poltergeist, Hell hounds are for me. Not forgetting i got a bad ass Haunted doll sitting right next to me on a two seated cinema recliner apparently it is highly cursed, while i am on the balg forum.

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@Bowling270 If you would prefer working with the Fallen PM me.

What is PM.

@Bowling270 Private message. Click on the profile picture, then click Message.

O okay thanks.