Bow's Clair-Accountablility

So I guess I’ll be making a digital journal go better track my progress. I’ve been neglecting all of my basic practices for half a year so I’m getting the ball rolling again. My spirits have pressed this and I’ve had confirmation to start up again. I’ve missed it.

July 8th

I started with King Belial’s enn and asked him to assist me. I used this as the mantra for focusing as well.

As soon as I start I immediately feel the pressure band around my head and as if I’m wearing a helmet. It’s usually just the band though. It becomes hot and that’s either due to his presence which I’ve experienced before or a sudden intrusive thought. I immediately became defensive of the thought but then calmed back down and continued with the meditation. Nothing incredibly notable happened, as expected, besides the statement “now I know whats real, what’s fake” had been playing before and during the meditation in the back of my mind.

I attempted to ground afterwards. That’s another thing that has been signaled to me not only by myself but my guides as well to do more of. My emotional and mental will being will be assisted greatly with this. I thanked KB and am still feeling the band around my head slowly fade.


July 9th

Used King Paimon’s enn for this round. I used to use his daily and felt his energy more strongly towards the end. But after not meditating for so long it felt almost as faint in the beginning.

I didn’t really hear anything. I think every time I got distracted there was a clicking noise as soon as it happened. Maybe to gently guide me into focus. I’ve been trying to be more gentle with redirecting my focus rather than beating myself up. It’s difficult but I know it’ll be worth it. Felt a lighter band around my head this time.

He definitely has a calming presence in my experience. Helped a good deal with intrusive thoughts. That’s all for now.


July 13th

Started with inviting King Belial. I think I heard him say he was here and redirected my mantra to that of one more appropriate for clairaudience that I knew.

The meditation went as usual. I felt a band around my head but this time it felt more gentle in a way? Less forced/harsh? Still feeling the effects as a write this.

Didn’t pick up much though.


July 15th

Today I started with King Belial’s enn again. I think everytime he answers/shows up there’s a minute or two of great heat and then it goes away. This happened again, sometimes it last longer.

I don’t think I hear a whole lot but I feel something was coming through. If anything I’ve forgotten it.

Physically I felt the band around my head. I was using a general clair abilities mantra so it didn’t feel as intense for the clairaudience (I was before and the pressure of the band was much more intense). I felt my third eye and my throat chakras. A distinct ringing (unlike tinnitus) could be heard. There was a vibration in my right ear and slight stinging. Bit of a burning sensation throughout my head but nothing unpleasant.

Here’s the mantra by Lady Lilith:

Ave! Iknostra Agacos Amatos!
Unishtla Eyos Kaphalack!
Inaitu Laylil Rhyme!
Lilitu Sharesta Rhy!


July 16th

I called on King Belial again with his enn and asked him to assist with the meditation.

Not much physically, not even the band. I did feel the length of my hairline or as if I was wearing a helmet again though.

I had asked a question and I visualized a nod (I’m thinking that’s how he will communicate sometimes but I’m not sure). Later I was worried that I was calling on him and using another spirit’s mantra was kinda rude in the moment but then I heard “as long as you’re training.” It didn’t feel like my thought but at the same time I didn’t feel much this round.

All in all uneventful but the job was done.


July 23rd: Day 6

I asked King Paimon to join me during this meditation and assist with my clairaudience mainly.

I started out with the Kingdom on Flames Banishing ritual and it felt effective. I experienced the usual pressure band around my head. It felt as if I was centered in a way during this part of the ritual and accompanied by a subtle burning/warmth around my head.

I then used King Paimon’s enn to call him and it felt as I was getting deeper into the meditation or more focused? Sinking in. This felt alot stronger and then I heard a loud single knock. I took that as him arriving (but could have been from something else). I’ll keep an eye out for consistency. I then used the general clair-enhancing mantra for the rest. I didn’t really hear anything. There wasn’t any ringing but more of a droning sound especially in my right ear. My head itself felt more open physically in a way? I felt pressure as a line from my forehead to the back of my head. There seemed to be distant noise. It sounded like a group singing or metal clattering rhythmically.

Mostly uneventful but not unsuccessful. Thank you King Paimon.


July 24th: Day 7

I called on King Belial this time.

I started out with the Kingdom of Flames banishing ritual and then King Belial’s enn and asked for clair-assistance (again primarily for clairaudience).

I think towards the end of the enn and beginning of the general clair mantra a flash of heat came over me. So I hope that was a positive sign from him. I felt the pressure band around my head and a sudden burst of heat on the back left of my head. It didn’t hurt but that has never happened before during a meditation. Almost like a heat ring. I also heard my name being stated. That hasn’t been the first time but I’m not sure if that is a sign that the meditation is working or just my brain. I also heard the word person. It was sharp sounding and stood out.

Other than that I don’t recall anything unusual really. Still successful meditation. Thank you King Belial.


July 26: Day 8

I asked King Paimon to join and assist me during this meditation. I wanted to quit early but I felt encouraged to keep going.

I started out with the KOF Banishing ritual and myself and the environment felt a bit more balanced or leveled out? The feeling is subtle.

Then I called King Paimon. I didn’t receive any indication he was there but I’m sure he or someone in his place was sent in his stead. I need to work on clair-feeling as well.

I felt the normal pressure band but once I got to the general clair meditation it felt evened out in my head.

All in all nothing spectacular. I don’t think I heard much besides the feeling/thoughts of encouragement and maybe the word “dragon.” Still successful.

Thank you King Paimon!

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July 29th: Day 9

I called to King Paimon to assist the meditation
I started out with the KOF Banishing ritual. Here I didn’t feel very much but I was kinda brief with it this time.

Then I called King Paimon with his enn to assist the clairaudience meditation (general clair med but primarily clairaudience again). I felt the usual band around my head and felt pressure particularly above my ears and up the bridge of my nose to my third eye area.

I feel like something was said to me but I can’t remember what.

Then I moved onto the general clair mantra and the pressure seemed to even out. Nothing crazy happened. Still a good meditation. I can still feel the pressure as I type.

Thank you King Paimon.

Side note: I’ve been feeling a pressure on the center of my nose from a tad lower than my bridge to my third eye for the past couple of days. I’m assuming that’s where I would focus for clairaugustance (clair smell I think its called). I had made mention of it to King Paimon (I think I was speaking to him that time) about how I felt that may have been one of my stronger clair abilities as I’ve sensed him and King Belial through that area of my face rather strongly. A scent but not really. That is all for now.

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July 30th: Day 10

I called on King Belial to help me again.

I started off with the KOF Banishing Ritual and didn’t feel a whole lot during that.

I used King Belial’s enn to call him and I felt the normal pressure band around my head. No intense heat but out of nowhere it seemed silent and then I heard “can you hear me?” It sounded like it was coming from outside and inside of my mind. It was weird and scared the hell out of me. I feel like sometimes during meditation I dip down out of the clutter of thoughts into this quiet place and that’s when I get some of my messages. I could be wrong but I’ll only know with time. I think I also heard the word “girl.”

I moved onto the general clair meditation and didn’t hear much with that. Throughout the meditation, start go finish, it felt like the pressures that I feel around my head were more leveled out.

A successful meditation. Thank you King Belial!

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July 31st: Day 11

I contacted King Paimon again to assist me this time.

I started off with the KOF Banishing Ritual and it was pretty decent feeling. This time I felt like I was almost enveloped in warmth and visualized dragons wings wrapping around me in a sphere. This seemed to help alot and I felt almost an armor on my skin in a way.

Then I used King Paimon’s enn to beckon him here to help. I didn’t hear him but I was feeling the normal pressure points around my head. I try to visualize a diamond shape on my face connecting my ears, my third eye, and my throat chakra to help strengthen my hearing mostly. At first I was antsy but I calmed down and felt more in tune with the meditation.

I moved onto the general clair mantra and that worked well too. I felt like someone was trying to say something in my left ear but I heard nothing understandable. I visualized myself entering a black void with mostly just King Paimon there with me to try to better connect. I think I’ll be doing that alot more.
Possibly heard “here.”

Overall felt very good about this session and with a bit of a renewed vigor maybe? We’ll see. Thank you King Paimon for joining me.

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August 1st: Day 12

I called to King Belial to assist me.

I started out with KOF. The pressure band formed around my head and I visualized a crown. I was swaying side to side in a circular motion with a group of people. I was on the throne and they were surrounding me mostly in a circle. We were all swaying to develop a barrier. It appeared more like a wall but flitted between that and a astrological sphere. I just kind of rolled with the whole visionary. Sometimes with the banishing/protection it’s the same but sometimes different too so I go with the flow.

I called to King Belial to help enhance/strengthen my clairaudience. I still had the diamond shape connecting my throat, third eye, and ears together to visualize them working. The pressure band was still there and my head had a burning/thorough hear sensation. No pain and not too intense. Kinda felt like the heat flash that I get when calling him but all directed towards my head.

I moved onto the general clair mantra and I don’t think I caught much. I feel like I was batting away at intrusive thoughts more than focusing on the meditation tbh. It still felt somewhat thorough. I think I heard “I’m hungry.” LOL has anyone heard random statements from spirits during workings like that?

Then I asked if he could assist with grounding too. I definitely need help in that area especially. I visualized myself as a sturdy tree with my roots being ancient and reach far beneath the soil. My branches stretched widely as I took in the sun’s rays and felt the winds breeze. I felt secure and safe and in the moment.

Another successful practice I feel like. Thank you King Belial!

Edit: Before visualizing the diamon I felt a burning sensation on my neck. I think it was a reminder to focus on those points maybe?

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August 2nd: Day 13

I called to King Paimon for assistance.

I started with the KOF again and visualized a bright sphere of light around me with orbiting light rings around that. I felt my third eye lightly.

I called to King Paimon and asked for help with clairaudience and clairvoyance. I think my clairvoyance was targeted the most as the pressure band was light but there was heavier pressure on my third eye.

I moved onto the clair meditation and the pressure only got stronger. I’ll have to keep in mind to visualize more for clairvoyance when this happens. I think I heard something along the lines of “there’s something inside you.” Maybe a spark lol we shall see.

Thank you King Paimon for joining me for this meditation!

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August 4th: Day 14

I called to King Belial this time. So I was lying on my back this time as I didn’t feel like sitting up. Clairaudience mostly.

I started with KOF Banishing Ritual and I felt a pressure band around my head. It felt like the atmosphere calmed almost?

I called to King Belial with his enn and felt that distinct heat around my head. I don’t want to say it hurt this time because I had a toothache since last night, but the flame/heat and pressure were pulsing intensely this time. I can only assume it was doing this because of the mundane physical pain I was experiencing.

I moved onto the general clair mantra and didn’t hear much of anything. This is the point where I started to fall asleep.

I tried fighting it while moving to grounding. I visualized myself as a tree and flitted between reality and dream.

All in all I feel like this was a successful meditation put on a higher difficulty in a way.

Thank you King Belial!

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August 5th: Day 15

So I decided to try to get back in touch with King Leviathan. I had done mediations before with him for a very short period but I feel called back paired with the confirmations and synchronicities.

I started off with the KOF Banishing Ritual and visualized myself wearing white armor and a white light ring around me. I also started to feel this swaying motion that I felt while meditating with King Leviathan before. It was like waves gently moving up and down a shore.

I called the King Leviathan using his enn and used it as the clairaudience mantra as well. There seemed to be some dialogue trying to come through and trying persistently. I heard the conjugation sound (like the one in skyrim) so I took that as him letting me know that he’d arrived and continued the meditation. I heard maybe directing me to certain things that keep me calm such as nature and music. Earlier there was a thought of me trying to develop a partnership with King Leviathan that I had forgotten about. Later during the meditation I heard “friend request.” I didn’t make the connection until after the meditation was complete so I think it was a yes.

For the physical parts of it I had the normal pressure band and alot of attention around my third eye. I felt my right arm twitch and had burning sensations in two specific spots. I also felt I was being nudged to probably work on all of my chakras better as a whole. Hasn’t been the first sign for that so that’ll be good to do.

In total this meditation I feel was highly successful. Thank you King Leviathan for joining me!

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August 9th: Day 16

So I got a bit sidetracked. :sweat_smile:. Definitely need more discipline for daily meditation and I’m working on it.

The other day I tried and invited King Paimon to join me. My thoughts wouldn’t stop bombarding me to the point I felt I could barely even hear myself repeating each mantra. And I ended up getting so frustrated I said “fuck this” and went to bed. I could feel the energetic cut off from King Paimon almost immediately. It was rude, very rude. I let myself become overwhelmed and I could’ve just taken a second or two and came back to it.

So I apologized today and tried again. I asked if he would join me and I felt more than heard an agreement.

I started with the KOF Banishing Ritual and visualized not only my surroundings, but myself with a ring of light, and light washing through my body and mind. Didn’t feel a whole lot besides pressure above my ears and third eye.

I invited King Paimon to join me and felt of course. I start to feel my third eye, my nose, and the usual physical pressures as soon as I start. My intrusive thoughts started to get to me a little bit and I heard “ignore them” and continued. For the most part it was smooth sailing. Still iffy with focusing but definitely better than recently. My third eye felt almost like it was turning quickly if that makes sense. It still does as I’m writing this. I tried to focus on my throat chakra as well and I think my crown was being included as well. More towards the end of the call I had asked why he was being so kind/patient with me after that and I felt a pulse in my chest. It moved from the center outward and I’ve never experienced anything like it. I’m assuming that it was not only his answer, but my heart chakra as well. It was definitely reassuring that’s for sure.

I moved onto the general clair mantra and didn’t really feel much of anything out of the usual. I did feel as if I were a bit deeper into the meditation and felt my usual pressure points during meditation more thoroughly.

Definitely a success. Thank you very much King Paimon for joining me and I look forward to the next calling. :raised_hands:

August 10th: Day 17

I called King Belial to join me for the meditation

I saw alot of flashes around my vision before the meditation. Sparks and streaks of light. I see them often but they were prominent and silver today.

I start with the KOF Banishing Ritual but quickly moved onto the next part of the meditation. The banishing didn’t seem uber necessary tonight.

I called to King Belial to assist with his enn first. I felt a small flash of heat throughout my upper body. As soon as I started the mantra it felt like a helmet sliding down to fit my head. I heard “I see you.” After this it started to feel like I couldn’t focus and words kept crowding my head. I kept getting upset over a few mistakes that I made and that all stopped when I realized that I need to be PROUD OF MYSELF. I don’t need anothers validation, just recognition and satisfaction of my own success. The thoughts stopped as I said and I continued to meditate upon his enn.

When I first started meditating about last year I had often felt like I was being pulled forward from my head? Well that happened again for tonight. A renewal perhaps? I felt my third eye and the points above my ears felt stronger in a way. Like a vortex? Or as if they were turning?

I moved onto the clairaudience/clairvoyance meditation itself. Still a strong pull throughout my head but a bit smoothed out. I had a thought of someone passing in my life and heard in my mind and a faint whisper in the physical “everyone meets their end.” It sounded more feminine than what I’ve heard so far from King Belial.

After all of this a song has been playing nonstop with the lyrics “I want you to come to ruin.” I’m thinking a rebirth of some kind is in order. Maybe something much newer and I honestly think I’m okay with something better and different.

Thank you King Belial for joining me this evening. I hope I’m not forgetting anything.

August 10th: Day 17th Addendum

Thr dream I had following this was of me and another trying to escape from these people keeping us captive. I can’t remember what they did to us towards the end but afterwards the dream would reset to the exact same thing over and over. But after each dream we both got a little stronger. This continued until we were at our strongest and fought back. I appeared as a fully grown male lion and the other with me a full grown tiger. We fought our way out of there and escaped.

I think this is indicative of overcoming some of the habits I’ve been struggling with. I had seen something about the Universe putting you in the same situation again and again until a lesson was learned and I believe that dream was a confirmation of just that. Maybe King Belial is telling me the same thing. Those two big cats are my favorites and often spoken about so I believe this was a sign from him.

Dreamt of having six fingers on both hands. My ring fingers were split into two deformed fingers while I was eating chicken wings. They kind resembled the shape of the chicken bones. I was also eating Häagen-Dazs liquor ice cream. I don’t eat that in real life because I don’t like the smell of liquor and I don’t drink anymore so I typically avoid all of it and its relatives. When I was eating it it didn’t have a liquor taste though.

I think the wings part with my ring finger was some sort of commitment to food. I dont have the best relationship with food and I’m trying to fix it. That’s was my original purpose for calling King Belial. The ice cream part I’m unsure though.

August 11th: Day 18

I called to King Leviathan. I called to King Belial originally but I heard “I’m very busy.” So I thought it best to move on.

I started with the KOF Banishing Ritual and visualized a light ring pushing out everything possibly negative or harmful away from my space.

I moved onto the enn of King Leviathan. I didn’t feel much of anything which was odd so I moved to the general clair mantra. I saw alot of jigsaw puzzle symbolism, a man walking towards me in a castle hall, and a serpent drawing coming to life.

I only realized afterwards that I had been visualizing King Belial with me throughout the entire meditation. So I’m unsure if I should have called him but maybe I should try again. :sweat_smile:

I think it will be in my best interest to stop posting for a while. Keep to myself during this journey. I’ll keep journal and post it sometime in the future. I feel called to do this. Thought I’ll still do public tarot readings. :relaxed: