Bowls exploding

Over the past few months, two bowls have exploded, once was when my mom put on a “anti demon exorcism show” it didn’t have hot or cold food in it, it just exploded. The last was yesterday, again, it didn’t have hot or cold, it just exploded. I did a ritual the night before that. Is it just a plate defect or could it be a spirit doing this?

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So, were these bowls in an oven or something?

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Nope, just room temperature with nothing in them, previously had been in the pantry, also room temp

were they the same type of bowl?


well we only have one type lol

wasthe bowl in use? what was it being used for?

It was out, we were going to use it in a moment, or in one case it was holding chips, room temp

True story. I initially misread this as “bowels exploding”, perhaps from the angle of selective perception, because that’s exactly what happened to me a couple of days ago after eating at a local Mexican restaurant. Anyhow, not trying to be a troll or go off topic, just interjecting some humor based on real life experience. Carry on. :grinning:


LOL :rofl:

I think a demon caused the demons to explode. My theory is that the bowls were about to exorcise him when he broke free from the spell thus destroying the bowls.

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well, the thing is it wasn’t a “Exorcisim” persay, it was a show about exorcisims, my theory was it made whatever spirit mad, honestly it made me mad too, blaming everything on demons. But the second time there was no show playing

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Whatever it was, I’m 100% sure that it was supernatural.

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