Bound spirits

Hi am not very good at magic but had a spirit bound to me and one in my amulet a week ago but can’t see hear feel them seed they can talk tallapathicly to me and in my dreams and manifest as a ball of Orange light but nothing at all gave offerings and all what can I do to get them communicating with me do I need to have my 3rd eye fully open to talk with spirits that are bound to me ? And help would be amazing

Do you know what types of spirits they are? It takes some coexting sometimes. You need to start building a relationship with said spirits as you would any god or spirit.


I have a fae dragon and a criospinx

Well the fae and fae craft is well documented and has many books you can look at to help contact the fae. You can pretty much adapt that or other branches to help you with the criosphinx too. I’d start working on developing your spirit sight and hearing too.

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Any recommendations kll?

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Some Fae Recommendations



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