Bound spirit possession

Hi I am new to magik and just became a keeper on two spirits but can’t communicate with them at all was wondering is it possible to ask them to possess me and open a telepathic connection to them or something like that ?

You are better doing it yourself, try learning meditation and the chakra’s first! Then once your comfortable there you can start focusing on your third eye which is the key to psychic realms.

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Can u tall me if you have ever got a tingles running through your body that changes as u breath as I get it a lot as I try meditation and am wondering if I blocked a chakra or something bad like that ?

Yeah keep studying those subjects there are loads of books and videos on it. As for the tingling no its usually a good sign that means your close to entering trance state, keep going next time.


I can do it anytime like music on headphones next sec the tingling starts but have trubble holding it for more then 2 min

Try it without the music first, just sit comfortably and close your eyes and focus on your breathing in and out. Your attention span and brain needs to get used to trying to be quiet. It takes a bit of time but you will get it eventually. :slight_smile:


Thank u so much I have a fae dragon bound to me but can’t see hear feel her but have been asking her to boost my energy and magic hopping that will help me two :slight_smile:

You will the more you study, learn and practice the better you will be able to feel the connection :slight_smile:


Crystals help a lot too !

Clear quartz can help with quieting your mind and amber and amethyst can help with improving your psychic abilities