Bottle of beer

i didnt even want to post this because its embarrasing but ok before we begin i dont have mental issues, acording to me XD…!, friday i bought 2 bottles of beer of 1.3 liters each i drinked both hours later , when i was about to return the emtpy bottles to the owner this on monday, i noticed that one of the bottles was 1/3 filled with beer…how? im a real man i always drink the whole beer and i remember well that when i drinked the beers i dropped the liquid to get rid of the smell in the room and i store them to return them later, they were emtpy.
how one of the bottles was partially filled again? could a god have done this or im just stupid?, now what kind of message could be this? im not insane wtf, i want to know if any of you have experienced something likes this, im kinda scared. and no i wasnt drunk i actually wanted more but no money :C

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Perhaps your desire for more created more. The mind can be very powerful.