Botis Experience

So I called up the spirit Botis for some information. Felt a presence and although I could not hear him I heard internal thoughts to give me a nudge of what I’m interested in. I asked my question again as confirmation and requested a vision in my minds eye of the situation I’m enquiring about and I could see that it lined up with the flow of thoughts. What I asked has also been confirmed via Book of Fate divination.

So thanks to Botis for coming quick and giving me insights of the secret thoughts of others. Although some people cannot hear or see spirits trust your intuition and thoughts. That’s how they communicate sometimes, in my case that’s how they communicate.

I have also contacted Decarabia but I’m unsure if he works in the same way. I recieved thoughts as well but as for the visions not so clear. Has anyone else worked with Decarabia or Botis?