Bornless Rite-The Stele of Jeu

I’m searching for the original greek text to decode the barbarous words of the rite.So far i’ve found this site


The translation of the invocation seems logical, but i’m sure the words of power are not.Crowley version of the names are more closely to the greek words but with errors in the writing.

If anyone can help please :slight_smile:

i don’t know if this helps, but

in the Book of Abrasax

there is a version of the Bornless Rite, assembled from Greek Magickal Papiry

so look it up, if you haven’t already.

Thanks bro. I have it and it’s the same as others.The words are in english and make no sense.For example the word '‘EBENPHICHI’'
I’m not sure about EBEN, but PHICHI it’s definitely the greek letters ΦΧ


It’s confusing but i’m close to find most of them.

Another example the word CHITASGOÊ.
Crowley’s version of this, is:PhI-ThETA-SOE which are the greek letters Φ Θ and i don’t know about SOE.
That’s why i have to look at the greek text it self

This site led me to this PDF (reference [4] in the page) which has original Greek - I’m taking it from the first site linked there that it’s the same one, but I can’t read Greek without my cheatsheet and I don’t have that handy right now: [url=][/url]

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love you beautiful Eva.

yes!!! thanks Eva

Alex Summer, was the name. i once learned from this exact site. the knowledge is gone now, but the energy is here :slight_smile:

I think i found a mistake in the original greek text.It says’‘απε ακέφαλε’’
With bold greeks is’‘Α Π Ε ΑΚΕΦΑΛΕ’’

I have the feeling that the right one is ‘’‘Α Γ Ι Ε ΑΚΕΦΑΛΕ’‘’ which means ‘‘holy headless’’…
Now if the greek letters ‘‘Γ’’ and ‘‘I’’ are close enough it seems like the letter ‘‘Π’’.

If you fix all the errors do you plan on posting it?

Of course:)

Of course:)[/quote]

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

It’s very difficult to do it.If the words are greek they make no sense at all.

‘‘Φαπρω Οσοροννωφρις’’ can be the greek name ‘‘ΟΝΟΥΦΡΙΟΣ’’
Maybe the right greek translation is ΦΑΡΑΩ ΟΝΟΥΦΡΙΟΣ-PHARAOH ONUPHRIUS

This is the only name i can think of which is equal to this one.

I found a site with the original manuscripts of the papyri for those who want to dig a little further.This link is for the page of the bornless rite.

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Oh yum, THANK YOU! :slight_smile:


I think i found something about the mysterious OSORONOPHRIS name.
Just google the name ORSENOPHRE and it will lead you once again to PGM and other greek invocations.Could it be the right name?I have a strong feeling that it is.