Born With A Spiritual Mate

I wanted to make my own thread about this idea. Are some people born already connected to other soul? I believe so.

And if both are currently incarnate can both truly be just communicating telepathically?

Yes to each you are always born with a soul mate mate twin flame human or other wise or both from past lives to now and so on so forth it’s not easy to find and it takes time for most to find theirs if human or even spiritual so yeah it’s very possible

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I’m not sure about human mates I know they tend to Know what thr other is thinking though spiritual mates have full access to your mind so speaking telapathicly us easy

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I seem to remember something in Greek Mythology about how the gods, fearing the power mortals could wield, split the souls in two so that one half would forever be seeking its twin; thus, they ensured very few would be able to challenge them.

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That’s basically where the twin flame concept came from and was twisted from.

My ‘spiritual’ mate is my physical mate, we’ve been together in past lives, and in our life before we started reincarnating where we transferred between the Norse and Celtic pantheons. Often times we’ll have certain moments of telepathic communication and sometimes energetic blips in where our focuses amplify the other. Though we’re not like two halves of the same soul, we are just in soul the same ‘race’ and tend to have similar titles and opposite titles regarding our beings.


Can you actually mind talk to them? The most I have done with someone was just share an image. We were tuned into the same mind bubble.

We’ve on occasions shared ideas without attempting to, we haven’t had a solid conversation.

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I don’t know if this counts, but this is my story with a soulmate in flesh.

Strangely I began paying attention to a boy, and I thought we really had a internal and powerfull connection
I don’t know if it was really that I tried to make an unnecessary link or if there was something betewen us. But he seemed to repeat the patterns and give signs of feeling me (he was a local musician and started to talk in the lyrics about me and especify the actions that I was currently doing without even “knowing” me)

I began to experience sensations that were definitely not mine. Have different visual images, tastes, tears, orgasms. Lol.
I took the role of the spirit that takes care of the human.

I really tried to reverse his depression and when I did it I realized that I wasn’t been specific in my spells and simply felt devastaded, "used by myself”, bla, bla, bla, and I just break the link. I think that he had already developed a dependency on me because died weeks later, or maybe it was that I “not intentionally” kill him.

Then I found that we shared the same higher self, that explained the things. And, also i found that he, before I knew him, had asked his to guides for help. The help was there

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