Born with a magical mind

I believe I was born with a magick mind and I know I’m not alone. Magick for me is normal its a way of life and must be lived like so. But by this logic its always been a ever growing force within my life, knowing its always been there just giving it a title.
I know I’m not alone please reply if you have this natural born mind set of magick

All I’ve heard so far is that you were born special. That kind of thinking will render you ineffective as a magician.

Utilizing ones Birth, genetics in magick can be potentially powerful. But you have to create the proper symbolic associations, creation of ones Avatar self and raise alot of power. Count the Genetics/lineage and ones birth specifics as a certain kind of Symbolic Association.

I agree with The Cusp, this page explains the potential hazards of believing you’re talented:

This does as well:

Obviously it’s good (IMO anyway!) that you’re passionate about magick, but as I explained here it’s not uncommon for magicians to be told really staggering things about themselves, what dictates your success is what you’ll do with that information, and how it will affect you in terms of putting in the work. :slight_smile:

I believe that raising the ladder with high selfconfidence, will lower the impact of the result of success. The progress can be unnoticeable, by taking the positive result for granted. If we, for some reasons, started to fail for the first time, the impact could be like a growing avalanche that only fades away at the bottom.

It’s psychology, plain and simple. We succeed sometimes and fail sometimes, or else we wouldn’t progress.