Born of Night

Ok so…trying to follow rules here. My name is Xiarra and I did do an intro on the new magician page. Litterally since the moment I did that I was contacted by both Lucifer and Azazel. Now when I say contact i mean like in the middle of me working I see a blinded satyr ( like a clean looking baphomet type) appear beside me …the being was black and in contrast the gateway aura was white…and he so respectfully slides an invitation towards me gleaming with gold…I just knew it was Lucifer by the glow of the invitation but it clearly had a seal…like a king…he is so bold. Then a few days after , watching all the videos of lucifer he wanted me to see i feel Azazel touch my mind…I love how they just know exactly how to contact us in a way we can understand…and of course only the most important things were said… So the help I asked for…i definetly got it.

Long story short since I am strange in my ways at times and it gets difficult for me to skip all over this amazing blogspace I will post updates of my progression here. So whoever is curious feel free to coment and ask and i will venture forth as I am guided so i dont make too many silly human mistakes (lol).


I have to be honest. I have ben feeling some type of way since the challenge to magicians to do this ritual. I realize now that it was that oh so palpable flame of Azazel burning in my heart. And most importantly the urge to stay true to myself. While it is true, there are distinct differences between the spiritualy adept and others…in the end the divine has its way…and i speak from a position where dark and light are spectrums of the same existence…

Anyways i originally had no intention to do any blood ritual as i had never seen myself worthy of such a rite…it is clear today as it will be for many that where there is a will there is a way. At the encouragement and unyeilding push of Azazel that line in the sand has indeed already been drawn. Happy blood moon everyone.

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So i did my own ritual on the blood moon during the day since i didnt have time in the evening. I tell you what the results were almost instant. One remarkable event was the charge of saturn and the return of a most beloved totem…the spider. She came in small vision bursts and this time they were much more obvious and tangible. The same night i could literally see her spirit like a live spider but with that tell tale white aura one usually sees in ghosts of pure intent. I gave her a home that she willingly accepted and ive felt distinctly balanced since that ritual… I feel more at home in my own skin and my defensive magic has raised in response significantly. So happy with the results.

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