I met a Borkor. He told me that they don’t iniate people. He said he would teach me the secrets of working with Baron Samedi for a certain price. He said because I’m scratched already I don’t need to get iniated. Especially since the Baron has been calling me to work with him. Is this accurate?

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When I asked him about initiations. He said I have to warn you. I work eith very evil entities. I said that I love that shit. I think when I said that impressed him. Maybe that’s why he said he would teach me.

Why not ask him for an enemy of his, or another (ideally baneful) task he wants done, and then fulfil it for him to prove your worth? The person he dislikes may not be protected against every form of magick, and we can help you troubleshoot. :slight_smile:

Fuck, I sound like Satan’s Girl Guide! lol!!!

Haha no he said he would teach me the secrets of Baron Samedi. Because my sign in Ifa is all about working with death energy. I Got in touch with him because Baron showed me a spell. I did it but I used a black candle. So I got into a car accident two days later. It was dumb of me to use a black candle. Something told me not to use it but I didn’t listen. Usually with palo the Muerto they show you the way they want the job done. But u have to use the chomplongos to confirm. It was dumb of me. But I’m happy because it’s confromstion that my stuff works even though it came back to me. Once I learn his secrets I’ll be a bad mother fucker

I’ve always wondered how evocation would work against a Borkor or a Babalowu. If it would even come up in a reading that you sent a demon after someone. There’s secrets in palo to hide ur work so it won’t come up in a reading. You want the target to just think that are having a streak of bad luck. Some of the stuff he was telling me was like dam. Pure evil. I don’t want to hurt anyone unless I absoloutely have to. I want that safety net. I want to heal people. But I want to destroy people if have too. Like a left hook outa nowhere that will devastate my opponent

Agreed. If you learn anything please feel free to show some stuff.

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I posted this to try to talk to other people in voodoo to see if it’s legitimate. Sorry but if I pay for the secrets. Why would I disrespect the integrity of the system I’m in by sharing it with everyone on here for for free? Thats the American attitude.

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Do you have a relationship with El Baron???

what does it mean to be scratched?


Scratched means youve been selected by the ghede. Initiates are children of the other lwas, but a bokor is a child of the dead. Vodun has been very divided since the days of the “secret police” in Haiti’s 1930s, the origin of the zombie fear. She who initiate focus on the religious aspect of it, and serve only Lwa. While those who serve with both hands have a sepecific sect of churches that are few and far between where you learn to work with the simbi, kalfu and the ghede. Anyone who serves only with the left hand is not accepted into sosyetes and we learn directly from the barons, papa, or in rare cases kalfu.


how do you know when youve been scratched? like i have a feeling but i need validation.

Well for one did Papa, Bridget or one of the Barons appear to you before you practiced? Like for instance did a man in a black hat and overcoat ever stand in your doorway as a kid when you were having trouble sleeping? Or a skeletal being that just stands at the crossroad closest to your house and stares without you ever having called or made offering?

And if you have your aura read, some may notice a literal scratch mark of black death energy over your left breast.

yes, i have had this happen quite frequently. especially when i was a kid. its been occuring again more and more frequently though. and to your second reply ive always been told that i have a so called dead spot in my aura over my left breast

i didnt really know what it meant other than the typical your aura is tainted response

That’s the scratch. A lot of the time this means you were murdered in a past life and the barons gave you the ability to reconcile that. You speak for the dead. You are a born Bokor.


Welcome to the graveyard club :grin:

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They are showing up more frequently now because you are at a crossroads in your life, and now is the time to decide who you are going to be.

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wow thanks. and thats so true. i am at a crossroads in my life. now ive gotta look more extensively into this

do you have any advice going forward?