Bored of Life

Does this happen to all of us magick users or is it me? I am incredibly bored of life. Constantly. If I was rich I’d be bored. If I owned the world I’d be bored. Being alive is boring to me. Is there something I can do about that?

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Don’t tell me that you consider suicide being a choice in those moments.

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I did… out of boredom :joy:


I can actually relate to that… 3 years ago I knew nothing about the world and was broke and got excited about alot of things, now I have a good understanding on what makes the world go around and why things happen the way it does + I have a okay amount of money

Im also aware all the power there is in occult practices by shooting energy into the planets and doing invocation, evoke etc to get what you want

But still I just find myself just waking up, grapping my ipad and eat shit food and being lazy all day… Theres nothing that is really getting me excited at this point…

If there is a thing it should be a major shift in consciousness…

So yeah man I can relate but hand in… Just try everything like Dmt, succubus, study things and see if you hit something one day. Theres nothing better to do

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Gotta focus on the small stuff, I get bored too.

So i focus on what I love,

And got dayum I love a burger, fries, and a soda right now lol


Usually yeah. But I dont act. Cuz I dont enjoy pain. And that would be a lot of pain.

You need to go out and do something else for a while. Something fun.

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Indeed sometimes it did happen also to me, for example.
Something that in my experience I found to work is to think of meditations/rituals I’d like to practice, or pursuing third eye’s activation, the awakening of Kundalini etc.

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Is this always? Or some time after you began working in the occult


I really question this reality often. Like why am I putting in all this effort? Eventually we will all be dead. Why should I improve myself? Why should I study? Our system that we live in is a prison. But yeah, try to find things that you genuinely like. What makes you truly happy? Like really happy, find the joy in yourself that you had as a kid… And hang on to those hobbies/ interests.

I’m tired of this meatsuit, but this path is our ascension. I can’t ragequit and commit suicide even though I often thought about killing myself. I still do sometimes. If you commit suicide you will get punished big time in the astral world so… :joy: Find the things that make you happy like an innocent child who doesn’t have clue how real life is.

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