Boost your magick with - BINAURAL and general Music/beats/sounds - a way to alter your state of mind using your magick circle

Hi there, generally, it would be safe to assume that everyone may now that
magick alters your state of mind - though I found a way to push it.

When you do a ritual, what you do in the ritual generally stays with you, as you open and close up a ‘sacred space’ to commune with beings.

You might want to offer yourself the luxury to do a ritual to experience exactly what the sounds of your preference can do for you, optionally asking, where it applies to ask for the beings related to what you wish to experience- in non-invocative music :slight_smile:
Some music already includes invocations to specific beings and you can then optionally ask these beings to come in even more.

***MANTRA MUSIC can be very powerful.
demonic mantras, general hindu mantras, have a potential to upon you and and help you experience what they stand for.

But there’s also BINAURAL that can help boost the effect of what it is meant to do.
This is one example:
my keywords: ‘Binaural’ without the ’ or ‘Binaural Hz’ (Hz from Hertz) - or just ‘Hertz’

It could also help with the THETA-GAMMA sync
(keywords THETA GAMMA)

or ‘Mantra for…x or y’ , you might also come across cool things you hadn’t thought of before.

*for the left hand path - I believe there might be some demonic mantras/incantations too, or binaural music/combo’s.

you might potentially also be able to find a combination of both

(more cool mantras for specific purposes through youtube link below)

See what happens, experiment with it if you like…

Humming might be very powerful too.

Other recommendations: The Gayatri Mantra, or music with


such as nature sounds, tibetan, indian sounds, (including sitar,…) can have their own multidimensional effects on your consciousness.

Generally it is not recommended to use general songs with lyrics in my opinion, because
you need to be very very very mindful about what precisely, word for word is in your magick.
Because that is exactly what you will carry with you after your ritual- every detail of input counts, so it’s important to not be random nor even semi-random about it, as you boost your desired experience of reality in detail.

(tip, be very sure to make sure that you fully know well, beforehand what the exact content of the entire track will be and be mindful to turn youtube’s autoplay off to avoid surprises during your ritual (though of course some tracks are very long, but, just to play safe)

Cheers :wink:

P.S. You may wish to try: CANDLE+CHANTING while gazing in that candle - in a silent room -be it in a corner- a place where visually there’s just you, the wall and the candle, and maybe your altar- and furthermore, the less distraction - sounds/phone’s, anything - any atmosphere that brings you to a state of emptiness/void/ is great - with as little visual distractions as well - a background as uniform as possible - especially behind the candle.
see for yourself what naturally occurs, having your state of mind shift-…;
(extra sources: try candle magick information:
some information here might be very powerful to apply too:

I believe that candle color applies per theme, regardless of the types of ‘lore’ you might be into. If you have a doubt, use white. :wink:


I use mantras and and binarul beats alot.

I recommend them too.


awesome! :wink:

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I use these to get my mind to relax

Mix - Byron Metcalf - Primordial Recognition: Byron Metcalf - Primordial Recognition - YouTube

Helps to get my brain in order


p.s. in regard with theta-gamma music for the theta-gamma sync (or other)

afterwards it can be very cool to try to work with particular beings - though you may wish to know that such vibrations automatically do open you up to layers of existence that enable you to see what is already there… - supremely awesome when it comes to opening up your 3rd eye of course to the max…

Other option: try a blindfold in a room as dark as possible… :slight_smile:

super, thx for sharing :wink: