Booming Thunder

I can always communicate with spirits in some way when need be, either thru intuitive feelings to look for something I never thought of before on my own that leads me to my answer, or thru physic means where the answer comes to my mind like one of my own thoughts but it’s something I know I never would’ve thought of before, or sometimes I can hear a faint voice that when it speaks it completely forces my own thoughts to shut off for a second so I can hear only that voice without distraction from my racing thoughts and occasionally it sounds like the voice is whispering in my ear like a bee just buzzed in my ear as if I can feel their breath on my neck.

However, recently I have been hearing voices even more and the last few times they came thru they were not faint like light talking or whispering they were loud and clearly audible almost robotic sounding voices that literally shook my head as if a boom of thunder just went off in my mind and the thunder was speaking to me. Never heard a spirit speak to me that loudly before although the voices were kind of muffled and I could not understand every word that was spoken, probably because I have not heard that particular type of voice enough to train myself to understand it. Maybe I need to ask the spirit to speak more clearly? Or will it clear up on its own over time?

I would probably ask them to speak more clearly.

Why wouldn’t they just speak clearly from the start? lol

That’s always baffled me because in my dreams sometimes I hear them and they’re muffled sounding too, can’t make out what they’re saying (or just don’t remember).

Maybe they exert less energy by speaking in their normal tones and for them to have to alter their voices in a way that’s audible for us, it requires more energy on their part than what they originally wanted to use? Or possibly they just don’t think about stuff like this since after all, they don’t have the afflictions we humans do so I imagine it’d be very easy to forget that we humans sometimes need to be approached differently.

My own voice sounds extremely robotic/alien machine like when im in my sleeping paralyzis state - but the only spirit voice i have heard sounded normal although the vibration pressures on my ears might add sound of their own :smiley: the whole experience is like being part of a machine or having multiple machines active in you.

Don’t know much about the waking state communication…