Does anyone know where to got Somnus Dreadwood books in ebook form?

I didn’t see anything offered on Kindle on his page, and the “Literature” link on the Black Court site has a “coming soon” message, so probably best to contact them direct:

General Inquiries: [email protected]

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You know that dudes stuff is made up video game garbage right? I made a thread about it on another forum and got some answers. Just fyi.

I picked up one of his books a few years ago and wasn’t impressed. The sigils his group use look amazing but that’s about all the compliment I can give.

Have you used any of the sigils to see if they actually work? Or are you just basing this off of what someone else has said? Generally curious.

Also don’t forget, that even if certain grimoires are clearly fabricated, doesn’t mean that they don’t work and that the entities of that system can’t be contacted using that system.

Like Simon’s Necronomicon: I’ts based mostly off of Sumerian dieties/entities, but if you work the system, you should get some interesting results :slight_smile: