Books that compliment Evoking Eternity

So I just bought this book and I love it. I probably won’t consider using it until I finish reading it and fully understand it but it seems very user friendly which I love. Once I’m done with this book what books would go well to complimenting the material in this book. I have used the the search function and have discovered some other books namely "Summoning Spirits” by Konstantinos which I already have. I’m thinking about getting Questing After Visions: Making Conscious Contact next and almost got that with Evoking Eternity but figured I should just buy one and read it first before making a decision. Beyond these books though what else would you guys recommend?

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Im into the Gallery of Magick books I got started with evoking eternity but wasnt a fan, im thankful to Ea tho as he woke me up to demons and magick or at least so i thought haha


What kind of recommendations are you looking for? More of Koetting’s work or something else?

Evoking Eternity compliments pretty much anything, as it is a neutral systems that can be adapted to any type of spirit.

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Not to put words in his mouth, but one of his main teaching ideas is to unlock the powers of Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence. I don’t know what order he normally puts those in, but these are the Godlike powers.

Evocation would be omnipotence. It is summoning spirits to make your will manifest in the material world. Sex, money, power, all that good stuff.

Divination would be omniscience. It is tapping into the Godmind which is omniscient and bringing that knowledge into you, some way some how. Tarot cards, spiritual communication, dreams, however you get it. Wisdom, knowledge, insight into people and situations, sensing the past and the future. Fortune tellers make this seem ridiculous and trivial, but get good at divination and you will see that it is anything but ridiculous or trivial. Some, such as myself, would even say that with Omniscience, all power is yours, and everything becomes possible. This requires insight that can be gained via self-divination and evocation (or other such magick) done to influence the self and the mind.

Soul travel, lucid dreaming, astral projection would be Omnipresence when done with the proper understanding of the depth of the practices. It is one thing to conceptually understand that all things are connected, and it is quite something else to experience this tangibly and see its active influence on reality.

Many practitioners are unbalanced with regards to these concepts. Some only ever read tarot cards, some only ever do spells, some only ever astral project. I believe that a high degree of skill and accomplishment with each of these areas, along with meditation (mindfulness, concentration, and the meditative insight that arises from these), is required to experience the true breadth of power and understanding that is available to practitioners.

The good thing is that you do not have to focus on all of these all at once. Divination and “results magick” tend to go together fairly well without additional extensive practices, and I would say the same goes for meditation and soul travel/lucid dreaming/astral projection (I would say, in my limited experience, that these all fall under the same general category).

I do believe, though, that these are all worth practicing. If you need to address material concerns, then practical magick, be it evocation, Pathworking, sigil magick, etc., along with divination, be it ritual magick, tarot, the I Ching, dream yoga, etc., is I would say the way to go. Practical magick works, and getting things like more money can make an absolutely huge difference to your life and allow for more time for spiritual practice. I can personally attest to the solid absolute fact that money magick, including deep wealth magick, does work, especially if you approach it as a long-term subject for continued study and practice, however much it may or may not take up your time.

Meditation is not as flashy as Sex Money Power demons, but it is an extremely valuable practice and we are blessed to have received the teachings of the Buddha, whom I assume was given knowledge to share for the benefit of all humanity. Meditation is not essential for magick and divination to be effective, but it does help, and meditation provides its own benefits aside from this, such as insight into the nature of mind, vastly improved mental peace and tranquility, as well as improved ability to perform at mental tasks such as studying or focusing your mind on a difficult intellectual, physical, or creative problem, and obtaining clear thought. It also helps relieve things like depression, anxiety, and negative self-thoughts, but just be aware that increased awareness can initially be somewhat disturbing as you come to realize how toxic your mind may actually be, but then begin the process of unwinding all of that and cultivating calmness, happiness, and an illuminated mind.

My most limited capacities lie in soul travel/lucid dreaming/astral projection, and I am currently working on this. The more skilled you become, the more these different areas start to cross-integrate. I will refer to this as dream practice as that is my current primary vehicle for this subject. Although the vehicle is important, you don’t get a vehicle just to have a vehicle, you get a vehicle for the purposes of transportation to a destination, perhaps among other things.

Dream practice at perhaps its most shallow, although I would disagree, is a way to unlock essentially an infinite variety of experience. You can do anything with anyone anywhere. You can induce narrative experiences, like playing a video game with characters and a story but in the real experiences that are your dreams. You could also just come to the arena for another bout. You can explore the possibilities of sexual experience with no limitations. You can explore the possibilities of martial experience, with no limitations or consequences. You can be an emperor, a merchant, an astronaut, a warrior-mage, whatever you want to do and be, you have that in the dream state.

More spiritual practices with dream practice include accessing and experiencing levels and types of consciousness more fully than is normally possible in the waking state. These states can also be accessed, in my limited experience, in the waking state, but this is often exceptionally difficult and requires a deeply cultivated state of mind that is not usually if ever possible to hold on to outside of extremely dedicated periods of spiritual practice, traditionally referred to as retreats.

Now I, personally, am a big advocate for retreats. There is much that you can accomplish and carry over into your usual normal daily life from doing a retreat. I’ve had periods of my life which I would consider to be retreats which lasted for many months, and from those periods of time I got experiences and results which I would not have otherwise been able to receive. Retreats can also be just a week or two, or even just a day or two.

I’ve primarily done magickal retreats, but I’ve also done financial retreats, language retreats, and will likely do artistic retreats and will almost certainly do many meditative retreats as well. The key is to design these (the magick ones sort of just happened, sort of, but were also by design) so that you maintain your life and skills while also getting the focused time to cultivate the target skills and achieve what you want to achieve.

In terms of books, here is essentially my occult library. The occult section is about 1/3 of my total library, unless you count all my fiction, then it’s about 1/5.

There are the books and courses available at BALG.

Other publishers are the Gallery of Magick, the Power of Magick Publishing, and Corwin Hargrove. I’ve also looked at a few of Rose Manning’s books recently.

For tarot, there is 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack, and I enjoy this website for readings. I personally use the Golden Thread deck, and I’ve also read her book.

There is the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.

There are the books The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep and The Tibetan Yogas of Body, Speech, and Mind by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. There is also the book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Dr. Stephen LaBerge.

There are the books The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa, Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha by Daniel Ingram, MD, and Seeing That Frees by Robert Burbea.

For the curious, I possess physical copies of The Complete Mystical Records of Dr. John Dee by Kevin Klein, The Complete Kama Sutra translated by Alain Daniélou, The Greek Magical Papyri translated by Hans Dieter Betz, The 6th and 7th Books of Moses edited by Jordon Peterson, and The Book of Abramelin by Abraham von Worms, compiled and edited by Georg Dehn, translated by David Guth, revised and expanded second edition. I also have the book John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World by Jason Louv. I also have texts on Greco-Roman magical culture, ancient astrology, Jung, the Bible, as well as Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Hittite, Ugaritic, Caanan, Egyptian, Norse, and Greek myth.

There are also the texts and courses available through Become a Living God.

More like become a living nerd ayy am i right. To be clear, I spend much more time practicing than I do reading.

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Either or tbh. I already have Konstantinos’s Summoning Spirits to further expand on evocation. So anything I guess that can help me build upon the lessons I learn in those books.

Wow Shinri that’s quite the list and practice you got going there! :open_mouth: Your practically a bodhisattva in training at this point or a avatar of Djehuty with all the knowledge and practice you have amassed by now. I’m not sure I will able to do all of this but I will look into at least some of it. I admit my motivations are more along the lines of the material and mostly tied to business but I would love to pursue a spiritual path. Mostly I feel like I am just gearing up for future incarnations and the skills I hope to develop in this life related to the occult I hope will aid me at least in the background in the next. I just realized I used to the word hope twice and that’s not good lol I should start saying I will instead.

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I already have a few of those and while I see great potential in working with angels I realize they will only help so long what I do fits into there grand plan. Demons (Also Angels but also Djinn) I feel will also do this but are more flexible and sympathetic with the human experience since it’s closer to there own then that of angel in the celestial realms. So I think I’m trying to walk a somewhat balanced path between them as my person goals are not exactly perfectly aligned with either.

You can check out these ones,

Other mentions will be

  • Practical planetary magick by David Rankine & a friend

  • Secrets of spirits communication by Trish MacGregor

  • The book of solomon magic by poke runyon
    Other books are about summoning, they focus to bring a spirit to presence not to visible appearance but i didnt mention them.

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Maybe check out 7 Occult Money Rituals or Wealth Magick then.

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Can’t work with Ghob with those. Ghob is someone I have really wanted to contact for awhile. I think I might try and evoke him first eventually.

Love him! I have a few of his books. I don’t understand the last part though. Which friend?

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Well there was a name but it was difficult to write so i just wrote “friend” i guess his co-author is french or something? :smiley:

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