Books on self physical healing

I found and read alittle bit on a book called “Quantum Touch”, not entirely though I need to buy it but before I do, I want to know if there are other books that teach you how to heal yourself physically by strengthening and using your chi.

Not the same, but somewhat in the wheelhouse.
I really enjoyed You Are The Placebo by dr. Joe Dispenza.

Hands of Light by Barbra Ann Brennen

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

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Thank you I’ll look into it and decide.

Energy work by Robert Bruce is a very good book.

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I experimented with the quantum touch method quite a bit some years ago. I didn’t get results myself, but perhaps I should revisit it now I’ve got a bunch more years energy work under my belt

The Art of True Healing by Israel Regardie. Classic book about using the Middle Pillar ritual for healing purposes and a lot more.