Books on astral projection

Do you recommend any? I’m looking into the daemon tongue grimiore.

Check out Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. Read a couple of dozen books on the subject. If I had to recommend just one book, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Well finbarr books may have one. And a guy call macgrat. In a finbarr book. Asenath Mason. And amazon ebooks just tipe

Also go on Facebook and join the private group and search for books

I would recommend to try and buy the two courses on BALG from EA koetting and Robert Bruce
Mastering Astral projection
Mastering soul travel

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I’m sorry, but BALG stuff is expensive. I already have afew.

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Monroe’s Journeys Out of Body.

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I thought of another one: Hacking the Out of Body Experience by Robert Peterson. It’s definitely the definitive work on the subject.