Books for sale

Bible of dark arts by Lord Nemeses - sold
Contains rituals for physical corpse raising, information on shape shifting, and information on vampyrism. Definitely a good book for a beginning black magician.

Blood script of a vampyric sorcerer- sold
A pair to the book bible of dark arts. Contains random information and exercises that you will use while reading the bible of dark arts

Evoking eternity 1st edition (perfect condition) - $150
Considering you are on this forum, you should know what it is about.

Paypal only, inbox me for details.

I have a copy of queen of hell and a copy of liber falxifer 1st or second addition for sale. pm for details. I would rather trade them with you guys then my expensive prise on amazon

Hi.i got baneful can do mail.only.or maybe money gram. Tanks

I would’nt take anything Necromaster has to say with any sort of credibility what so ever. The dude is a chum lying sack of shit, just look up his “Time For U 2 Pay” thread… Yep.

Don’t worry,
Necromaster was banned from BALG a few months ago.