Books for sale

Hello BALG,

I have a few books I would like to sale as I have read through them and I don’t see myself practicing Necromancy in the near future. I would like to give the BALG community a chance to snatch them up before I put them up on Ebay.

The are:

Necromantic Sorcery ( there is an issue with some of the printing, the book is readable but it appears that the printers tried to reuse old paper)
Keys of Ocat (with Keys of Death Included)

I want to sale these at a fair price, and truth be told I am looking to buy the Crossed Keys. I don’t want to price gouge anyone so I won’t be asking for your first born but I will be asking for a fair price :slight_smile:


If I can’t find a buyer for them in a few days I will put them up on Ebay. Also I would ask that only those in the US or Canada buy as international shipping can be a pain.

You looking for the paperback of crossed keys or hard cover?

As long as the info is the same I am down for paperback.

If that’s the case bro they are cheap!!

Wow, Bodomite I love you.

Well the books are still up for grabs :slight_smile:

I have a few book’s for sale too.
“The real power” - 1783 - Authorless
"The life after death seen through my eyes" 1801 - Authorless

Im selling the Book of Azazel, if anyone is interested PM me.

I am selling my CW. I have the PDFs and I have not cracked open the CW because if that in like…6 months.