Books by Damon Brand

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this author and if so, has anyone had any success with his books? They seem very strait forward and easy to understand. I haven’t put any of his material to use yet, but will soon be doing so. Thanks for your time.

Me & a friend were going to work though the Magickal Cashbook but I was advised not to use it by my spirits because it had some godnames in that don’t work within my system and understanding, so I held off, and I think my friend lost interest.

The system looked simple and achievable though and the writing style leaned towards practical instruction and not meandering philosophies or anything.


Yes,cheap,easy to understand,and get results,and very humble hinest guy,

I’d say his books are worth a try. Some people seem to have great success with them, perhaps it is a matter of compatibility or resonance with what he uses in his system.

Words of Power is the quickest and simplest one to try to see if his stuff works for you. I had some success with a few of them. In general I’ve had mixed success so far with his works but enough to definitely be more than coincidence. I’m actually looking forward to his next one coming out that is supposed to have 7 different workings regarding money and wealth.

I have only had some success with his Words of Power book. There is a thread regarding that in the money magick section. The Magical Cashbook did not work at all for me. I gave it three tries, for decreasing amounts of money. Have not tried his other books, though I have them. They deal mainly with Angels, though the Wealth book has a working with Bune in it.

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Milamber,which is the new coming?and title,plz,tanks

He doesn’t announce release dates until just before it happens. He has said that there are several books that are each near the finishing stages so it might not actually be next depending on which order he wants to release them.

He mentioned it as forthcoming in a March 19th post on his facebook page, tentatively titled Book of Riches with at least 7 different workings with sigils and talismans covering different situations.

He says that he is part of a group that has been around for over 2 decades calling themselves the Gallery of Magic and he represents them as the author. Several of his works so far involve the Shemhamphorasch angels. Between Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels they cover all 72 Shemhamphorasch angels and their powers in individual workings.

Anyway here are his websites that you can look at for more information.