Book Trade Thread

Ive seen other forums with a thread for selling or trading grimoires, so out of curiosity (and I hooe Im not opening a can of worms) does anyone have any titles up for sale or trade?

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i have keys of ocat by s. connolly, unread perfect condition that i could trade for something.

I have spider & the green butterfly if you want to buy it give me an offer 0f 200$ or greater, may also be willing to trade depending on the book.

This is a great idea for a thread!

To be honest, I’m a collector, and I have books inherited over various generations.

I have a very impressive copy of the kyballion as a leather bound hardcover that has been passed from my grand father, to my mother, and to myself.

I don’t just have rare books, I have inherited books, been gifted very unique books, or books I was put in the weird position of finding in some cases.

I am however, willing to pick things up from time to time. It’s funny, because some dead sorcerers are pretty helpful guides in my life in this department.

Much of my collection is stuff you can’t buy, is out of print, and I have my own qualms about taking pictures of anything I have, or myself. If any of you knew my facebook, you would see even that does not have a picture of me.

But, I might be inclined to break with tradition, as that is the time and nature of the age. So I’ll take a picture of something unique that I have acquired, because I go to a LITERAL FUCK TON of book stores all the time, and I didn’t find this at one at any.

Some of my books aren’t even occult as you will soon see, and I go to a lot of rummage sales and pick up all kinds of strange things. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve found, in places I would not have expected them. And some have a very strange way of coming across your path. A lot of people are also willing to part with a strange number of sexual books at such sales, which has also been a source of decent help if we’re going to be honest about just how beneficial this experience of book collecting has been. They also are heavily discounted, and if you wish to be discreet you can put them between two other non sexual books should you like to be a gentleman or lady about the affair. Such people have never asked to see any of the particular books in the stack and merely concern themselves with the number you got or what shelf you picked them off of. They are usually willing to part with all of it and probably don’t want to make a big deal out of it either. This strategy not only helps with sexual books, but if you find something truly weird you want to buy and can’t do it with a straight face for one reason or another, if you have varied interests like I do that may happen. All books at such sales are heavily discounted, and have probably contributed to my “book fetish”, which I see as an extension of my greater “knowledge of the universe” fetish.

I do this in addition to regularly browsing used book stores and all kinds of other places. I even have plans to enhance the effectiveness of my search with magick in the future, but that’s another story for another thread, and I’m not hijacking another right now.

Sometimes when I was a used car salesman, I found it helpful to escape the traumas of my job by stealing a nice car, and driving through rich neighborhoods nearby on the weekends, and see what I could find within 15-30 minutes while my friends could stall my 9 fucking bosses (OFFICE SPACE STATUS YO) as you can tell they were all pretty shitty managers because they couldn’t stop I or several others from doing things like this (to take vengeance on how we were forced to work an extra 40 hours of unpaid overtime every week because we have such great work laws in America).

And I have to thank such events for my collection.

I just aim to show, I make this an affair that I engage in a lot, to try and find some really “unique” and “out there” things that aren’t really easy to find.

I got this little treasure for FREE, at a Church of whatever “Christian garage sale”. This family got fed up with everyone pushing this thrift sale on them, so they just put all the stuff they were willing to part with on the curb (there was an incredible amount you wouldn’t believe), and put up a sign and said take it, as an act of charity.


If I may be permitted a small pun.

A neighbor was home, and explained I could take anything I wanted, and that it was free and what happened to the family who made it a point to LEAVE EVERYTHING UNATTENDED THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. I don’t know if I feel more mind fucked that I found this book at a “Christian garage sale” or that these people were acting like true Christians and giving away a huge portion of their possessions for free, merely to illustrate the message their entire church should have already understood.

I only took the book.

This was one of the few events I’ve had with a Christian family that let me know the truth and the message is not lost on some, and left me feeling incredibly humbled when I saw what they did, and how they said “fuck you” to raising money for their small minded and iron willed church, and reminded everyone they were not blind to the true message of Christ when push came to shove within their own community.

Good Luck, and Godspeed,
-Frater Apotheosis

What would you like to trade for it? Better yet, I’ll PM you

I still have Liber Falxofer I & II for sale $250 each. I’ll leave them here one more week and then they’re off to eBay.

I have a great condition softcover of Thomas Karlsson’s Uthark in German. Money’s not really a big motivator to me, so if someone would really -rather- pay money for it I’ll make it cheap, but a trade would be awesome as well.