Book suggestion for E.A

I would absolutely love for E.A to come out with an encyclopedia/manual style grimoire. By that I mean a straight forward manual of the sigils, daemons, rituals and their descriptions. All the different portals and devices E.A has found covering divination, evocation, and soul travel. Also all the different rituals and blessings one could use.

What I’d like to have is a go to tomb of information I can use in the work. An advance book that already assumes a degree of mastery on the part of the practitioner and simply lays technical framework to any type of work one wishes to do.

Do think you that could be a possibility? I just ordered the Anthology of Sorcery and that’s what appealed me that book. Just having such a wide variety of information made me want to have it.

Well, all I can say is the mastering evocation workbook is sort of like that. Page after endless page of sigils with a short description of who they are for, what their name is, and what they do/how they help. So maybe consider taking the course. The videos as well from it are very helpful.

Just meditating/charging two of the sigils on there real quick seemed to produce a quick response, and a feeling of others in the room with me.