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[quote=“Lady Eva, post:1, topic:6554”]Magick usually assumes it’s about watching other people die, the goals of religion and the afterlives thereof are too personal (you only can ever affect or influence yourself) but for necromancy, I wondered - how would you like to die?

I have my methods chosen and the reasons, I know a lot about anatomy, neuroscience, etc…

Let’s ghoul-out, and talk about this? 0:)

Especially since I might be evoking your spooky ass, if you die before me![/quote]

:slight_smile: Dear Eva - I would love to suggest the book series called life and teachings of the masters of the far east - being about physical immortality-transcendence in general (also levitation-shape-shifting-de-materialize and re-materialize your physical vessel anywhere you wish at any instant - mastering time and space, or reside in higher or lower dimensions.

It’s also about real life events where beings show here on earth what they are able to do with the abilities that come with it applying it to every day type of situations.

In the state of being referred therein you can realize here and now in your ascended (lady) master version - that already exist and that you can integrate here and now.

The book is a practical must-have for having conceptual ideas about reality that are based in experience as well, and help place the whole of all of reality together in a nutshell as a construct-and the infinite potential thereof for you as a being that you have here and now.

Death is in reality not the reason why you are here, but overcoming all limitations and boundaries to your infinite spirit and being 'the one in all’
it also includes the transcendence of all causes of suffering - and becoming a living Goddess in human form- full on. This is the flow towards which the source is calling us all to be in the mechanical-energetic design of reality-the prompting us to evolve to godhood.

Adamus Saint Germain, Yeshua Christ (the unfalsified/real one)
Kuthumi, Lanto and other ascended masters are some interesting examples of our potential as divine human beings.

So in short it is ‘giving yourself more options’ in the here and now.

There’s a guy called Criss Angel you might wish to check out on youtube for some visual examples of what is possible in this realm. :slight_smile: Through criss angel is someone that realized a different state than I mean here- at least what concerns the time when most of his work was done- I have to check where he is now in terms of growth.

Basically - all dimensions all the way to the source are available to you in full, here and now- :slight_smile:

This information can give you a supreme boost in how you view yourself and your infinite potential to be a full-blown - full option immortal goddess here and now. :slight_smile:

Did it work for you? I mean can you do any of those things?

We’ve done some - changed the past, reside in different locations at once, and so on. Let me know what your results are - I’ve split this into its own topic because it was off topic for me asking you how you’d like to die.

And check your messages tab.

Hi Eva, it’s me again - it took me a while to get back here but I’ve been very active magickally neverhteless… :slight_smile:

I will check my messages tab and, great that you did split it into a new topic.
I will thus aim to find it and answer there :slight_smile:

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