Book recommendation from Mephistopheles

I am currently doing a path working with Mephistopheles. I work with him every morning and evening.

My book shelf is very big. Full of books on every subject. This particular book I have not read before. It is a book by Swami Vivekananda.

Now keep in mind the books on the shelf are very neat and very sturdy. There were no windows open and Mephistopheles has been constantly getting me to do more meditation as my mind wonders a bit. The books fall over and this is the book that is still is standing. Keep in mind this is the only book on the subject.

I wanted to confirm if this was Mephistopheles or one of his familiars and he said it was him.
This book has seriously changed everything for me. Me and Mephistopheles would recommend 10/10. Lol.


Oh yeah he is an indian auther and i’ve read some of his books and they are pretty great