Book of Azazel

Hello everyone, so I was wondering weather or not you need to make a pact with Azazel to call upon and Evoke the spirits on the Book of Azazel ?

On another note, is there a way for me to message specific people in the Fórum? I’m New to This place, so please help me!

Thanks everyone

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First off stop here and drop a comment it’s part of the rules

Now I don’t believe you need to make a pact with Azazel but show him some respect and talk to him before working through it

Also you can’t messsage for awhile when you first join you have to be messaged

So, If someone messages me I get to message people? If that is the case can you message me please?

No you will only be allowed to message the person that messaged you

Ok, thanks anyway!

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No, you do not need to make a pact with Azazel to call upon his Nethers from the BoA. I have never done so, and I have been able to call upon the Nethers with success.

As for sending PM’s, you need to be at a certain Trust Level for that to kick in, and I see you’ve been a member since December but this is your first post. I believe you have to be more active for the ability to send private messages to kick in.

No you don’t have to have a pact to be able to do evokation. I don’t have any sort of pact with him but talk to him all the time.
As far as messaging is concerned. They made it to where new people can’t sent messages until you’ve been around for a while.

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Hello Darkestknight, I’m equally a newbie on this great civilized forum, I’m glad to be part of this moving train.
Please can you offer more details on the evocation of Azazel, do you need sigil for the evocation or just call on the angel. I’ve read Baal kadmon book on the watchtower angels where he talked about these fallen angel, but I feel that without sigil that the evocation might not be complete, please can you throw more light on this? Together we rise…

No, all you really need is the sigil. You can use the demonolatry enn if you wish but it is not necessary, just an option.

Instead of the enn, you could try the Incantation to Summon Forth here:

Edit to add: You can dress it up as fancy as you want to, but for simplicity sake, the sigil is all you really need. You don’t need to banish or call the Watchtowers unless you WANT to.

This is as simple as it gets:

I was wondering, when you perform the evocations for the nethers do you use the universal circle or the circle of demonic pacts? Or maybe something else?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and powerful information, now I need to get something right, the 4 incantation for the limitless power, can it be use to summon an angel and if the answer is yes, how can it be use. The same applies to other spiritual entities and please where can I get the sigils of the watchers angels like samyaza and the rest. Please bear with me because I need to get my proper bearing
Thanks for assisting…

One more thing, how can I use the various incantations from number one (1) to number four (4)

I use the Universal Circle for all my evocations, but it is not necessary, just an option. The design of the UC is based on the Circle of Demonic Pacts, and it has an intermediary spirit bound to it. It is useful to evoke ANY spirit, not just demons.

You can use a simple, visualized circle, like that written in EA’s book Works of Darkness, to evoke the Nethers if you want to.

The Incantation to Summon Forth can be used for ANY spirit. It is a demonic language but, if you search the forum, there is a thread where a member detailed using it to summon the Archangel Michael, and it worked. You simply chant it while opening the sigil.

The incantations are all very easy to use. You chant them, several times. The link I posted tells you what they are used for. The Conjuration of All Magical Powers is a good power up and aid to trance. You can just chant it over and over again in meditation. Very useful for getting into the proper being state for ritual.

As for the sigils of the Watcher angels…have you tried the mighty Google? If you can’t find them online, you can use the Rose Cross method to make them.