Book of Azazel

I read the Book of Azazel over the weekend and I am interested in creating my own Demonic Kingdom. I have created an astral temple before with relative ease but this seems a bit more complex especially if you want to create a workable system to go along with your own kingdom. Would you create thought forms to populate your kingdom? I’m really unsure, but has anyone explored this idea?

In the BoA Azazel is shoqing EA how to not only create his own kingdom,but also an army for his kingdom.In doing this you have to create a legion that doesn’t already exist,and I don’t know any other way besides thoughtforms.I’ve never created a thoughtform before but the idea is extremely intriguing.

I haven’t got that far in the BOA yet, but I guess it would involve raising your thoughtform up to the level of a demon.

Gotta disagree with you Musta… most of the work is about the nature of illusion and reality. You create what you observe. Azazel was trying to drill the point home that ea had no proof that any of this was real other than subjective and sensory information. Why spend your life seeking after something that you are creating? If you spend your life looking out there without bring anything back at best you have escapism at worst fantasy. The only thing that matters is how much you can bring back here… making your reality the way you want it to be rather than trying to escape. Because if all of this is really our creation then why the fuck should we be trying to escape.

That is my interpretation anyway… others may disagree.

yea dude your interpretation is right. My question is by doing this how much of it can you bring into reality.