Book of Azazel starting point


Would you say this is a good way to connect to Azazel?

I feel drawn to him


@LamiaPlantGuardian i know what you mean.


Love it. I heard spirits can get intoxicated on our blood so we watch how much we give. Apparently. Don’t know if its true or not


Why? Just use a razor blade for a little bit not all the time and not too much…


A womens shaving razor. A cheap one you buy from like a dollar store. Not a razor.


Yes :blush: i got some


Yes she’s pretty efficient I’ve following her education channel too. :wink:


@Sabbey68 its funny. As in still recovering & now on antibiotics. So last night really did meditation properly probably cause I stopped stressing about my insufficient abilities. Lol. Azazels presence was gentler.
@Sabbey68 How are you going with this


Im getting ready to do a ritual with Azazel when i feel better in a couple of hours at 3 am. I have everything that i need, so it should be ok. Ill email you n tell you.

Dark Blessings my sister


Hey Morgana, you ok. I left some messages on the gmail. Also, hope your health is ok. Going to do another Azazel ritual tomorror on Good Friday lol hehe. Blaphemy lol
Darkest Blessings my sister


Im back much better not rattling a chainsaw every time I breathe. Much better be running around again in a week hopefully less.