Book of Azazel starting point


I hate to say it; but I am finding the entire “Angels— or Demons” to be outdated. They don’t fit. I have dealt with angels- which frankly i am not sure if I ever will again, Demons- they are above and beyond what most folks conjure as an image.


I found that to be with me also.
Azazel to me was the pure essence of being deemed guilty - weather it’s actually a Problem or not.
And i found Azazel to be the one who Looks far beyond any guilt and says:
Hey, there is actual benefit’s to this, just acknowledge them and you get better.
Hard to take sometimes, indeed very difficult to comprehend.
But he never lacked at coresponding with big task’s,
when they needed to be furfilled.

Just as if he knew, that my human conciousness Needs to go trough it in the normal pace of time,
while watching me from outside of that perspective.




Is it really that easy to contact azazel? Ive read some post and its like ur calling someone from the other house… Does he appear? Can u hear him speak? Pls help, cause i really want to learned more about azazel… Thank you…


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Thanks for the information.
I some how felt drawn to Azazel for a long time and had his name in my mind, during tough situations i felt he gave me immense strength and power to overcome any obstacle.

I now after many months, did my first evocation, meditating with two large black candles, a drawing of a pentagram and Azazel Sigil - I chanted the words “Itz rel Itz rel Azazel” in my mind, and asked him to help me release some fears and pain.

I meditated around 30 minutes, and i told him i had felt his presence before among other things, the last 5 minutes i recorded and amazingly enough when i asked him to give me a sign if he wanted and i said:
“let go”, i got a recording of his “growl” afterwards, and some bumps in my kitchen. But i never feared him, it was all a positive experience.


P.S. I never found an answer to this question: I never looked for Azazel, it was he who came to me. He never answered me when I asked him why he came into my life. Maybe you have an idea, 'cause he won’t tell me.
There is this quite voice inside me telling me that Azazel has always been with me (that would explain a lot) and that he didn’t “come” into my life but merely revealed himself that day. But I’m having troubles believing this

I’m feeling this also. I can’t even remember why I know the name, but it came to me I didn’t pick up a book of names and randomly pick one. There are other entities I’ve already worked with I would visit first, and I haven’t been of a mind to pathwork for a long time. A lot of what I did was shadow work, and I got to the point where I was literally bored of myself.

But now I’m aware, it seems like more of a resonance of matching mind or goals on some level. He’s there because something in me is like him, and that attracted him, and then, I’m able and open to working with him. That seemed enough.

And then he left me with someone else called kah-el (Lae’ti’kohl, I don’t have clairaudience, so I have a hard time with new sounds and ‘hear’ via claircognisant empathy, I guessed the match later from the BOA’s description and she confirmed).

And yes, now I’m clear on how his energy feels, I can see the traces of his presence in my life going quite far back, but very unobtrusively, like, knowing you’re a member of a family but maybe separated by distance or lost contact - your family is just there, they were always there, you always had that connection but it wasn’t necessarily a present here-and-now thing, just a fact.


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I can have them speak to me internally, and through extral impulse.
Including short time posession of strangers that pass by and give me exact information without any relation to how they knew a question i asked in evokation or divination days or hours before.
Sometimes it’s anoying.

I refuse most internal conversation, as i have great respect before my mental powers.
I’ve seen them interfeer with my reality before.
And i kind of like the life i’m leading at this moment. ;D

So with the evokative part, let this enter your mind:

  • Ask.
  • Belive
  • Listen into the Answers.
  • Be grateful for your ability to always rely on that source of invinate wisdom within.

As you may want to come back and use this later again. :wink:

Choose out of that.







What do you mean by his lessons can be harsh?


“Per aspera ad astra”
That is Azazel way :facepunch:


Don’t call yourself stupid. I understand how it feels. I have been there…and people just mistook my love, service and care to be foolishness and took advantage but I haven’t changed from within. Just because someone abused you, you don’t have to get so bitter as to leave being nice but yes…these experiences teach us to be more alert and also to stop being over caring and loving to people who don’t deserve it. That’s what demons are teaching me.


I apologise if this is ff topic…but I need help understanding a dream i has last night…

I was talking to my brother (in my dream) about the fallen Azazel (who ive only seen in a dream once before) and my brother was talking about the greek Gods/immortals.

in this dream i saw this large dog who resembled a hell-hound like appearance, except she looked grey and had smooth fur that kind of looked like steel. She had one eye of fire which she could switch from one eye socket to the other, she didn’t seem threatening even though she looked very intimidating.
I think i remember Azazel in the background… has anybody else sen him with this dog like creature??

Im just trying to understand what this means lol

Thank you for any insight





Thanks. Here is my new one

Less blood today

I’m still learning, practice makes perfect they say

My goal is 1/2 cc
On the last one I take blood from just above middle knuckle the lady at Costco who I got needles from said today that is crazy. When taking blood from my elbow I never get much, maybe I’m just impatient. It’s difficult with only one hand.

I’m using a 3cc syringe 25g 1 inch long needle everything is B-D brand

Maybe I’ll give insulin needles a shot, maybe they will work better. They are very tiny 1/2 cc syringe 29g 1/2 inch long needle


that’s quite a bit of blood used.

Since you’ve been so clear about using your own blood,
please keep in mind that when donating blood the body is allowed to loose up to half a litre for adults,
but only when it’s given half a year to replenish it.

You should eat some Ginseng (or really simple Aspirin does aswell),
during the phases where you’re NOT taking blood out of your body,
but regenerating it.

you probably never go for more then 50 ml. in one session,
still, i’d suggest you do 3 weeks break between blood sheddings,
and stop using the Ginseng / Aspirin at least 2-3 Days before taking blood from your body again.

To increase your Body’s capacity of creating new blood,
and sustaining it’s healthy generation,
understand that the Inner secrete of your Spine is crutial for Blood generation.

This is no joke, please listen carefully: eat bone insides, the marrow, in Soups and do that quite frequently.
you should also find a good source for iron (food grade), Red Meat, lenses, spinach, herbs like basil and parsley, are all known to furfill that function.
There’s more options, but i’d take a while to list all.

The Iron part is especially importend for female practicioners which have a monthly bloodloss,
no matter if they use it for magical ends or not.

Point here, is to aid your body in it’s regenerative process.

by adressing that, you’ve gained stronger ability to heal and create new Cells within your Body.




New blood Master Piece

Thanks for all your concern about multiple takings of blood. I very much appreciate it!

Personally I’m not too worried as it’s only 1/2cc/ml at most

The insulin needle is much easier to use and I take blood from the back of my hand with no noticeable marks as appose to inner elbow which leaves very noticable marks.


Since the title of this old topic is “Book of Azazel starting point” I thought that someone was asking how to start the rituals :slight_smile:
So, just summarizing, all one needs is the circle of demonic pacts, black candle, the demon’s sigil and the incantation of pacts, correct?


I’d read more don’t know how to find it though. … yet