BOOK OF AZAZEL: Evocation Questions & Comments

Greetings All,

I’ve decided to work with Salas’ash. Since this will be my first evocation out of BoA, and after doing my due diligence this guy just feels right for me, and I believe this spirit won’t be too hot!

Can any other more experienced practitioners answer the following?

  1. How does Salas’ash appear when evoked? Koetting does not give any descriptions.

  2. Hour & Days: I’ve noticed in BoA (and in EE if I recall), that their are no hours & days given when to evoke. Can I just go for it or am I missing something here?

  3. LBRP alternative: I like the Cabalistic Cross & LBRP just for a centering exercise devoid of doing these exercises to rid the temple area of any “evil”. With that being said, have any of you used The Grand Invocation of the Pact for anything other than in Evocation? If so, would you mind sharing with me?

The reason I’m asking is, I like to do the LBRP prior to my meditation practice. Whence in meditation, there is usually a place where I do invoke energy into my body, but, sometimes I get bored with the LBRP. I’d like to bring energy into my meditation space then into my body. Thoughts?

Mate - I dont know what others would advise - but…

Highly recommend doing a THING with openning gateways etc without being able to banish - and Exorcise an Area.

You could be lucky and pick a ‘good time’ by instinct - or have created more problems than ever by evoking…

Thank fully most people are useless and incapable of evoking with no skill or surrounded by forces to offset the effects.

I am one of the many who REALLY are looking forward to this EVOCATION program.

Having typed the above - I welcome any who can share in all honesty:

  • their successes with Evocation
  • their previous work prior to Evoking (have they been steeped in a current that has afforded them protection? from the astral filth and restless sprits)
  • their recommendations for dealing with any issues regarding evocation.

I know that EA has published in Evoking Eternity the mantra and exorcism that ‘works’ and adds that it has to do with internal potency and power that overflows into the words… and this is a part of Omnipotence…

Hey - Armchair Magus here - but that is not from gutlessness - just a true sense of what the hell could really go wrong… that isnt fear - the saying goes - propper preperation prevents piss poor performance - THE 5 P’s.

When I say Armchair - pride demands the following is added -

I have seen spontaneous visions - seen Ageless Ancient Ones face to face - sigils given to me in a flash -and been granted familiars - through pure intent and forcing myself across the veils of reality into their worlds - passion such as this is not realised without a reason…

When the Why is Great Enough - the HOW ceases to matter…

This is the very ‘rule’ of evocation - WHY are you doing this…

It has been said curiosity is paid back with great suffering - however - there is curiosity born of bordom and wreckless idiocy - and there is curiosity born of true seeking and wishing to know the very heart of it all…

I was prepared to turn my back on all of it - without attachement - and the voice spoke clearly… undeniably - beyond the mistake of a daydream…

Hear the rushing - know that power is always around - the path is within that unlocks the ‘without’…

And I have been stuck with the spirit of a murderer - and had a complete misunderstanding - I guess - we truly do gravitate to that which we akin to - killing is such a beautiful thing - if we allow ourselves to accept its lingering pleasure…

Guilt is a sure sign of two things - 1 is programming…
The other is remorse for embarassing ourselves in performing an act born of passion we lost control over - so - I think - we should all kill, at least once in both senses of the spirit - to taste it all.


I wish I had seen this thread earlier. How did your Salashash evocation go? Did he appear? lol…he manifests money, but I can’t tell you what he looks like either. Once appearing to me as a great shadow that suffocated the room, then the next evocation to him caused the candle flame to grow and glow and encompass the entire room. Weird spirit. I find it best to work with him in this manner:

charge his sigil while in pact with Azazel, command him to bring you money. That’s it!

As for working with the BOA. This is a complete, self contained magickal system. Everything you need to know to make the book work is written in the book. Also once you start calling Azazel into your life he will guide you personally in unlocking the secrets of his book.

Vagelli, I agree that research is important and there are some nasty things out there that can get a hold of you! I recommend knowing a banishing, an exorcism and having plenty of holy water and sage on hand.

If you are having astral beings attempt to communicate with you, then you can be sure you are valued in the spirit realm, and they have a definite message for you.

Protection from spiritual entities can be handled with a seal of Saturn. With an Ank, with a pentagram or hexagram. Also being able to fully cast an astral shield and circle will help you. But ultimate protection comes from making pacts and covenants with powerful spirits concerned with your ascent.

Honoring spirits you work with keeps bad shit from happening as well. I make offerings to spirits which include incense, candles, liquor, marijuana, animal sacrifice, human blood, hair or semen. Not everything, all the time. But those are good to present spirits you are in pact with. Also keeping them invoked into your life. If you are going to work with Azazel then do it. Don’t put in half assed effort and expect him to manifest the world for you.

Some things you perceive as bad are just the spirits letting you know they are there and working. I get disappearing objects, random glass shattering or other paranormal activity. I actually enjoy the company, it lets me know I’m insane.