Book of Azazal - Michael/Raphael couldnt help

In the Book of Azazal EA mentions having a hard time and calling on Michael or Raphael and was told he couldnt help. Why is that? Is it because he was damned and the angels could never help him or was it because of the pact or what? Will Michael or Raphael help now if he needed it?

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In the BOA introduction, it wasn’t EA that contacted Raphael for help, but Dante Abiel, because he was going through drug withdrawal, initiated by Azazel to purge him of weakness.

Raphael could not help, as he said to Dante, because Azazel’s “grip was too tight,” meaning, I think, that the challenges, having been initiated by Azazel, could only be dealt with under the guidance of the great demon for only He knew the true purpose of them. Dante was “damned in his Might.”

Once the work with Azazel was completed, I assume Dante would be able to call upon Raphael for aid if he needed to.


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I took it to mean that Azazel’s grip was too tight meaning the draw to and desire Dante had for Azazel was too much for the angel to overcome. Under free will they can not intrude on our desires. The angel knew the desire FOR Azazel and what he could provide Dante was too much for Dante to resist. You know the draw that they have. I believe if Dante sincerely did not want to have anything to do with Azazel the angel’s responce would have been different. But that is just my musing and conjecture. I know their grip on my heart is too much for me to ever be taken away from them and this path.