Book of all knoledge

I know how to open a sigil.
I was thinking of making a book from where all the knowledge can be drawn.

Here a passage from the book of azazel:

Abryaiyan appears as an old, diminutive, white man. He
speaks slowly, but if you call him, be sure to pay attention to every
word. Of all the demons in the House of Anatel, Abryaiyan seems
to be the most knowledgeable.
Abryaiyan is the Initiator into the Secret Sciences. Once
evoked, his very presence will set into motion subtle and even mundane
forces, resulting in your gradual understanding of the nature
of spirituality, and of existence as a whole. Once this process has
begun, however, it cannot be halted.
If you desire knowledge or understanding that is more specific
and less imposing than that offered by Abryaiyan, simply write
your query on a piece of paper, and trace Abryaiyan’s sigil over the
words. Do not call him into full materialization, but charge and
open that sigil and be prepared with pen and paper to copy the
flood of information that will descend to you.

So my idea is to draw all the sigils of all the spirits found in E.A.'s work
into a book and then write the my question on the paper open the sigil and get a respond.

Or should I bind all the spirits to the book?
Should I open all the sigils over and over again and what effect would that have on em life with such an item 2 meters away from my bed?


I had an Idea to make this book really good

So an experiment:

Someone of this forum paints a sigil a posts a photo of it here other members open said sigil the painter of the sigil does NOT CHARGE THE SIGIL.

The the creator of the sigil sees if the sigil has been charged.

I fsigils can be charged that way we could us ethe entire force of the forum to create the kind of book I want to create and we could send it by mail to anyone who needs it.

There are people doing this kind of thing for each other already in some other threads you might check in with them. Not specifically with creating shared sigil grimoires but doing workings for each other.

Most people who open sigils recommend no more than three active at a time. There are others who do alot more, but then more and more weird stuff can start happening, side effects, etc.

In my opinion it’s kind of pointless to activate sigils if they are for opposing reasons since you’ll be calling up powers only to cancel each other out.

Creating a personal grimoire with all the sigils you work with sounds like a great idea.

You could also open the sigils as you will and evoke the spirit and request a method or methods of creating a Tome of All Knowledge.

Books of All Knowledge already exist in various forms such as The Runes (Elder, Younger, Northumbrian etc), Tarot, Witch Stones, Spirit Boards, Pendulums, Ogham and the Genius Symbols.

You could empower, dedicate your chosen Book/Tool to YOU as a living god or a Spirit you have formed a Pact with or even both.

Another thing you could do is create a Book of Spirits, where a Spirit is bound or linked to a page or pages and that when you open that page- then the spirits presence is immediately there. There are traditional ways to do this, methods taught by Spirits and Intuitive/Chaos Magic ways too.

I ken that your book would be a Book of Spirits of All Knowledge. As you ken that YOU are a living god then you can easily create this.

The only limit is YOU in yOUR Image Nation